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Churn Prevention

Give customers a reason to come back before they go somewhere else.

Illustration of a customer activity falling until brand messaging moves them into an active customer again.

Retaining existing customers is up to 5x less costly than acquiring new ones

But how do you know when you might be about to lose a customer, or what kind of offer might entice them to stay? Amperity can help: our churn prevention model and unified customer profiles help you learn when, where, and how to contact customers to keep them coming back.

an image showing a customer 'cooling down', and getting messaging from the brand which makes them active again.

Amperity’s churn propensity model gives brands an average performance increase of +20% compared to the baseline

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“Our predictive churn program outperforms a traditional rules-based approach by 27%”

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A full toolkit to stop churn before it happens

Machine learning- powered churn triggers

Amperity looks at historical transactional data and uses a proprietary predictive algorithm to figure out when customers are on their way to churning.

Categorization to determine opportunity

Customer value and lifecycle stages help you determine how much effort and resources to spend to keep a customer.

Recommended channels and offers

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, programmatically reach your customers on the best channels for them.

Smart automation for a personal touch

Once you know customer purchase cadence and preferences, set automatic outreach to serve up well-timed messages that really speak to them.

Use Amperity to analyze and get to know your churning customers

Group lapsing customers by likelihood of returning and target offers accordingly.

Product shots showing the Amperity interface being used to segment churning customers

Discover how Amperity provides the right foundation to keep your valuable customers around

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