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Customer Care

Make it easy for the reps who take care of your customers. Download the solution brief to learn about the three most common use cases for using unified profiles to support customer care and the associated best practices.

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Make every customer feel like they’re your most valued customer

Personalize the customer experience

Get a head start with every customer interaction when your reps have access to the customer’s entire history with the brand and are able to personalize by loyalty status or recent purchases.

Follow up on what was promised

Proactively reach out to customers who have recently engaged with customer support to gather feedback on their experience and confirm their issue has been resolved.

Segmentation for priority service

Give your most valuable customers the best service you can provide and reduce the time it takes to help them get the answers they need.

"Everything we do revolves around improving our runners’ experience, and that means having our CDP and CRM systems work in lockstep to leverage customer data in every interaction. When a runner contacts us with a question or an issue, the additional customer data now available enables the Brooks team to serve them even faster."

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Personalize the customer experience every step of the way

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Ingress insights from your customer platforms

Ingest customer care data from your customer care platform to round out a customer's profile with customer care data, so that you have all information about that customer's engagement with your brand.

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Egress interactions into your other systems

Egress relevant profile attributes so that your customer care reps have the most recent and relevant information about your customers.

First-class connectors to your customer care platforms

  • Zendesk

  • Kustomer

  • Fresh Desk

  • Intercom

  • AWS Connect

Image showing Amperity integrating with several customer care platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, and more

Elevating The Runner Experience

When it comes to customer service, a “one-size fits all” approach just doesn’t cut it, and personalization is key to making an impact. Brooks Running joins Amperity integration partner, Zendesk, to discuss pairing their customer service solution with an enterprise CDP to improve the runner experience. 

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Discover how Amperity provides the right foundation for fostering better customer care

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