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Know who your customers really are so you can give them what they want

How would you drive your business differently if you could make sense of your customer data? What would measurement and activation look like if you knew that every profile you have is complete and accurate? There are thousands of options for identity resolution, from legacy solutions to newcomers, but no one had gotten it right — so we invented a whole new way to do it.

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Why it's hard: Static rules-based PII matching makes identity resolution inaccurate and tough to scale

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Data integration is expensive

Customer data is trapped in different data silos, and the work to bring all that data together is expensive and time-consuming, with no near term benefit.

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Customer PII data is messy

Customer PII data is usually inaccurate and inconsistent across channels, and it gets even messier as they go through life and move to a new home or change email addresses.

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Many customers are anonymous

Most customers (even your best) don't identify themselves when they interact with your brand. Even if a brand has a loyalty program, most customers are typically not members.

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Displacing a legacy approach is daunting

It feels risky to replace a complex homegrown solution or vendor tools that you've been using for years, even if your current system is inaccurate, unable to adapt to business changes, and lacking in transparency.

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The Amperity approach to identity resolution

Amperity radically reimagined identity resolution. With our multi-patented approach, we ingest massive customer data at-scale and return resolved customer identities with stable identifiers and never-before-seen transparency.

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All your data, ready to use

Don’t leave out datasets because they are in legacy systems or because you think the amount of PII data is sparse. Amperity makes it easy and fast to ingest all of your data from any system and then extracts any customer identification signals it can find to resolve identities without the need to define match rules.

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Confidence through transparency

A fully transparent user interface lets you delve into every connection, giving you visibility into how identities are resolved and building your team's trust and confidence in your customer identity data.

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Accurate identity & household graphs

Rich first-party identity and household graphs built using industry best practices, with direct integrations for data standardization, hygiene, and anonymous-to-known linking.

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Learn how Lucky Brands identified 1.5M previously unknown customers and linked siloed data sources using Amperity

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Technical paper on ID challenges and our solution

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