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Identity Resolution

Using a patented machine learning approach, Amperity identity resolution is purpose-built to create unparalleled customer profiles, giving teams the data they need to delight customers and fuel growth.

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Rated #1 in Identity Resolution

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Unleash results that can only be achieved with the most trusted and up-to-date customer view

Increased return on ad spend at Brooks Running
Increased conversion on generated leads at Servco
Reduction in IT hours at a Fortune 500 retailer
Reduction in data delivery time for a leading hospitality brand

“We’re finding connections in our data where there are no unique identifiers. Without the power of Amperity’s algorithms, those connections would remain hidden and the data would go to waste.”

Michael Relich (fmr.) COO Lucky Brand

Data is messy, and traditional identity resolution methods don’t address the root cause

Customer data will always be messy

Customers provide businesses with a wealth of information, but their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is often inaccurate because it’s scattered across systems that don't talk to each other. Connecting that data uncovers a world of insight and opportunity.

Many customers are anonymous

Your best customers don’t always identify themselves when they interact with your brand and even brands’ with strong loyalty programs struggle with bringing known customers on board.

Investments in data are expensive & often lacking

Digital transformations require massive investments in infrastructure, storage, SAAS platforms, and data scientists, but even with the substantial resources, 87% of efforts fail.

Traditional identity resolution is limited

Deterministic matching alone is insufficient, leading to misidentified customers, suboptimal insights, and missed opportunities.

Deterministic-only approaches can erode data quality

Rigid, rules-based approaches to matching data cannot account for less than perfect matches and can lead to duplicate records and incorrect merges.

Amperity combines over 45 identity resolution algorithms

Amperity's multi-patented, AI-powered approach resolves identities accurately and holistically on a daily basis, unifying records that other approaches routinely over- and under-connect.

The new approach to identity resolution


Our multi-patented solution uses AI and machine learning combined with deterministic matching at scale to deliver an unrivaled customer foundation.


Detailed profiles informed by historical, transactional, and behavioral data paint a picture of a customer’s experience.


Democratized contextual access across a company gives team members from all departments the view they need to accomplish what they need to do.

Create a customer foundation you can finally trust

All your data, easily ingested and ready to use

Amperity’s schema-free data ingestion makes it quick and easy to extract your data from any system, in any format, and then resolve identities without the need to define match rules.

Confidence through transparency and flexibility

No black-box, hard-to-audit legacy rules-based approach here. Amperity delivers the gold standard in unified customer profiles, and delivers transparency every step of the way.

Integrations and services that work with you

Amperity turns your customer data into value—hydrating your entire tech stack ecosystem and enhancing every tool with its unified view.

Case Study

Learn how Lucky Brand identified 1.5 million previously unknown customers & linked siloed data sources with Amperity

Lucky Brand

Value from customer data begins with sorting out customer identity

In this Expert Angles video, Caleb Benningfield, Principal Architect at Amperity, breaks down why identity resolution is crucial to marketing success.


Identity Resolution: Connecting the dots and understanding your customer

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