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Airstream Revs up Brand Loyalty With Amperity

August 9, 2021

Amperity & Airstream

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Airstream, maker of the iconic travel trailers and touring coaches. Airstream is dedicated to understanding every step of their customers’ in-person and online journeys in order to guide them toward the best products and solutions. Check out the press release below to learn more about Airstream as we support their efforts to provide their customers with the best experiences possible. Seattle, WA - August 10, 2021 -  Airstream, Inc. maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream® travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, has tapped Customer Data Platform (CDP) Amperity to unify consumer data and better understand the digital, financial and physical journeys vital to Airstream owners, or “Streamers.” The unified database of Streamers, created using Amperity’s customer data and identity platform, will better enable Airstream to engage with existing customers and to continue to deliver an elevated customer service.

The travel industry has seen a massive increase in demand for road travel over the past 18 months, with consumers still hesitant to travel by plane following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to research from recreational vehicle membership program Harvest Hosts, 60 percent of survey respondents plan to travel more in 2021 than they did pre-pandemic; however, 69% of respondents indicated that they do not feel safe traveling by plane. The recreational vehicle industry, including both towable and motorized vehicles, saw an increase in demand of 53% in 2020. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reports that manufacturers like Airstream are seeing an increase in demand of up to 170% from first-time buyers. Understanding the Customer Journey The Airstream brand has become synonymous with adventure and exploration, and the addition of Amperity’s industry-leading CDP will enable Airstream to explore and understand the journeys of its customers. Amperity brings together a broad range of disparate customer and business data sources across its entire portfolio, delivering actionable insights across the business and facilitating personalized and highly relevant customer experiences.

“Understanding the physical and virtual journey our customers take toward ownership is a core part of Airstream’s customer service,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President & CEO. “It’s a unique process for every customer, but one where patterns emerge. Through the implementation of Amperity CDP, we’re able to better understand the full scope of each owner’s experience, and we’ll be able to guide them toward solutions and products that make sense for their particular situation.” 

Personalized Service & Data-Driven Marketing

“Airstream is on the road to gain a deeper and more actionable understanding of their owners and further understanding of what fuels their adventures,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity. “Implementing Amperity during this period of business growth will enable Airstream to maintain a commanding lead in the recreational travel industry and differentiate by providing data-driven omnichannel experiences that delight Airstream owners.” 

The stunning growth experienced by recreational vehicle manufacturers demonstrates the need for comprehensive data to better understand the new wave of open-road travel enthusiasts. Amperity’s suite of identity resolution, analysis and segmentation, and activation tools will enable Airstream to continue to build a unified view of current and future Streamers, allowing for more relevant customer personalization, improved loyalty and retention, and more targeted marketing based on customer behavior.

Airstream is a joint customer with Amperity and AWS.

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