September 14, 2023 | 3 min read

Amperity & Snowflake: A Partnership for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Making it easier for brands to unlock the full value of their customer data.

Amperity & Snowflake

One of the ways we make it easy for our users to make the most of their customer data is by plugging directly into any tech and tools they already have in play (or plan to use in the future). Our partnership and interoperability with Snowflake is a perfect example, the kind of collaboration that lets consumer brands get superior value from their customer data. 

How? By unifying the customer data stored in Snowflake and making it easy to access, analyze, and activate for next-level marketing and experiences. 

Revolutionizing customer data access

Our approach isn’t just about simple access to customer data in Snowflake — it’s about redefining the data. Using our patented AI and machine learning approach, we unify the data to create accurate, comprehensive customer profiles so that the data powering marketing decisions tells a richer story.

This optimizes the Snowflake investment so that it’s feeding the ecosystem with highly-informative and accurate data so that teams can build the kind of brand experiences that drive growth. 

Balancing accessibility with data governance

When dealing with consumer data, there needs to be equilibrium between access and security. We ensure this balance with governance controls so there’s PII redaction where necessary and that access is controlled by a team’s needs and permissions. A SQL interface for technical users and a point-and-click interface for business users keeps data both available and protected. 

As a Powered by Snowflake partner, we guarantee customer data safety within the Snowflake environment. For those new to Snowflake, our Business Intelligence Connect functionality offers an efficient, user-friendly Snowflake instance for seamless reporting and queries.

"The Amperity-Snowflake partnership offers us ultimate flexibility in how we leverage Amperity's single customer view to power Servco's analytics and marketing. We're excited to use Snowflake to seamlessly flow data into our data visualization ecosystem and further democratize access to high-quality customer analytics across our teams.”

The Future: Amperity and Snowflake powering success together

We’re proud to share that Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report names Amperity as a Leader in Customer Data Activation because it means that we’re working together to get better results for our joint customers. The report is a great guide to today’s digital marketing landscape, backed by extensive data from Snowflake and highlighting the many ways their warehouse technology integrates with a broad array of partner technologies including Amperity to turn data into advanced insights, standout customer experiences, and business value. 

The partnership between Snowflake and Amperity is helping brands harness the full potential of their customer data and develop new methods of engaging with their customers. Together, we're championing a future where top-notch customer experiences become the standard, and the possibilities for growth are endless.

Read more about Amperity's recognition in Snowflake's 2023 Modern MarketingData Stack Report.