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Amperity’s 2022 Product Year in Review

February 2, 2023

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In 2022, we continued our commitment to building a Customer Data Platform that evolves and works with you. 

Expanded globally

Built even better profiles

  • Built Connectors for Google Analytics, Zendesk, Klaviyo email metrics, Listrak, and Sailthru, to expand the scope of data available for unified customer profiles.

  • New suite of email engagement data assets brings email events to Amperity. This allows for customer segmentation by email, email marketing testing, and easy customer journey analysis for email campaigns.

  • Simplified responses to opt-out requests with support for privacy compliance directly in platform.

  • Launched 1:1 Stitch, an additional mode supported for Stitch in cases where minimal clustering is needed.

  • Enhanced predictive models with a 50% lower error rate relative to commonly used business rule alternatives.

Helped users do more with their data

  • Expanded the number of systems Amperity can directly connect by adding connectors for Microsoft Ads, Snapchat, Braze, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, TikTok, Google Customer Match.

  • Added Campaign sub-audiences and expanded attributes for more targeted and personalized campaigns. 

  • Created an open-source repository for users to create custom destinations

  • Opened AmpIQ for tenants without Transactions. 

  • Made query outputs available for Segments and Campaigns.

  • Expanded VSE to include transactional attributes.

  • Quickly upload files directly to Amperity, and use that data to write queries, segment customers, and even run campaigns

Iterated on and improved the platform

  • Launched a model upgrade system to enable the continuous release and interpolation of Amperity’s latest machine-learning innovations.

  • Updated the navigation model and enhanced platform-wide search.

  • Boosted reliability and uptime with new Stitch recovery features, database service refactoring, ML Ops, and automatic detection and paging for application JavaScript errors.

  • Accelerated workflows with improved search capabilities, new filter capabilities, and 20+ new workflow resolutions.

  • Improved database with a new C360 Validation Report for transactions data and attributes, Database Table versions for custom SQL tables, and the ability to copy databases and tables.

  • Added campaign failure email alerts, plus the ability to duplicate campaigns, edit delivered campaigns, and see edit history

  • See which objects depend on each other with a new data lineage view.

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