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European Wax Center Turns Customer Data into Customer Experience

March 23, 2021

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As a consumer business providing body and beauty care, European Wax Center wants to do everything they can to make their customers feel confident and comfortable. This goes beyond top-notch service and treatment, extending into the way they communicate with their customers. They know that an all-around positive experience means hyper-personalization while maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Being able to speak to customers as individuals means having a clear understanding of the customer base, which can be tricky when dealing with millions of customers.

With more than 800 independently owned and operated franchises across 43 states, European Wax Center has a ton of customer data. They wanted to be able to make sense of all the different customer interactions they had records for to create an accurate and comprehensive view of their customers, finding the real people in the data points. That’s why they teamed up with Amperity, putting our suite of tools into play to make their customer data legible and accessible.

They’re using customer data exactly how it should be used: both for better business outcomes and better customer experiences.

Now teams across the organization will be able to better know their customers so they can communicate in a way that makes people feel seen and cared-for. At the same time, it lets them craft a more informed strategy that draws on customer behavior-based metrics. They’re using customer data exactly how it should be used: both for better business outcomes and better customer experiences.

With Amperity, European Wax Center is able to ingest raw customer data across all touchpoints — online and offline transactions, loyalty programs, email interactions, finance systems, social media engagement, etc. — and then use machine learning to resolve identities, connecting the dots across systems that would not have otherwise been able to talk to one another. This lets them build customer databases that centralize data into one place where teams across the company can use it for segmentation, audience suppression, analytics, customer service, regulatory compliance, financial forecasting, business health metrics, and more.

European Wax Center’s deployment of Amperity comes at a critical moment for consumer franchise businesses, as they adapt to radical shifts in consumer habits, preferences, and needs, not to mention safety protocols that vary week by week, state by state, and even county by county. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, European Wax Center maintained growth through 2020, was ranked #1 in its category in Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500, and has continued to accelerate in 2021. Working with Amperity to make the most of their customer data is part of this progress, demonstrating their status as forward-thinking industry leaders.

“I’ve seen first-hand how Amperity can transform a customer enterprise,” said Jennifer Vanderveldt, Chief Financial Officer at European Wax Center and an Amperity customer since 2019. “Their ability to handle massive amounts of data and to deploy quickly and seamlessly is unique among CDPs. They can operate at an enterprise scale and at the pace of our rapidly growing industry. With Amperity, we get a more complete and accurate view of our business to help drive strategy, analytics and future ROI.”

We’re proud to be working with European Wax Center and looking forward to doing great things together!