November 24, 2020 | 3 min read

Amperity Appoints Kevin Johnson to Board of Directors

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson joins the Amperity Board of Directors

Image displays an introduction to Kevin Johnson and lists CEO, Starbucks.

We're excited to share this news! More to come, but for now please read the press release:

Amperity Announces Appointment of Kevin Johnson to Board of Directors

Johnson’s Addition Bolsters Amperity’s Position as a Leader in the Highly-CovetedCustomer Data Platform Category

SEATTLE, November 24, 2020 - Amperity, the leading enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced that Kevin Johnson, Starbucks president and ceo, has joined its Board of Directors. Johnson’s background as a leader in retail and technology gives him unique perspective to advise and further strengthen the Board of Directors of Amperity, the leading cloud-based, enterprise CDP, and to help Amperity achieve its mission of empowering consumer brands around the world to use data to serve their customers.

As ceo of Starbucks, one of the most globally recognized consumer brands, Johnson has been a transformative leader for modern-day retail, spearheading the company’s initiatives to further build personalized customer connections and experiences across brick-and-mortar stores and digital channels. Johnson first joined Starbucks in 2009, serving on the company’s Board of Directors during a period of record-setting transformation and growth. In March 2015, he took on the role of president and chief operating officer, leading the company’s global operating businesses across all geographies, as well as core support functions, and assumed the role of president and ceo in April 2017.

Prior to Starbucks, Johnson’s career spans more than three decades, including five years as ceo of Juniper Networks, and 16 years at Microsoft, where he worked closely with co-founder Bill Gates. Johnson also served as the chairman of the cybersecurity committee for the NSTAC under both President Bush and President Obama.

“Kevin is a technology icon. He has been a part of creating and leading some of the most substantive products in the software ecosystem, and to see how he has brought a technology-first mindset to Starbucks has been both fascinating and inspiring,” said Kabir Shahani, ceo of Amperity. “His approach to using data and modern technology to delight and build brand loyalty is instructive for every consumer business, and all of us at Amperity are looking forward to having Kevin help us bring this to life for every consumer brand in the world. Not only does he have an ideal background to help Amperity, but more importantly, he’s an authentic leader and a kind person with high integrity. I’m honored to be working with him.”

Amperity’s multi-patented, AI-driven technology allows companies to quickly transform raw data from multiple silos and systems into unified, consistent, and accurate customer profiles that guide strategy, analytics, and activation across marketing, service, and customer experience.

“The future of all consumer-facing businesses requires a deeper understanding of their customers, the ability to personalize customer experiences, and the agility to recognize and adapt to shifting customer behaviors and preferences,” said Johnson. “Digital customer relationships are the key, and Amperity is in a unique position to help businesses unlock this digital potential by unifying first-party customer data and then enabling the insight and personalization that elevates the customer experience and builds brand loyalty.”