March 29, 2024 | 4 min read

Pay Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging: Amperity's Comprehensive Approach

With Women's History Month coming to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on how Amperity is prioritizing pay equity across our entire company.

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With Women's History Month coming to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on how Amperity is prioritizing pay equity across our entire company. We know that true equity is an ongoing journey, not just a box to check. That's why we take a comprehensive approach year-round to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and like they belong. This starts with pay equity, making everyone feel like they’re getting a fair shake. 

Ensuring fair pay: Amperity's rigorous approach to compensation equity

When it comes to actually ensuring fair pay, we've built a robust compensation program focused on attracting top talent with competitive compensation, while driving consistency, fairness, and pay parity across all our hiring and retention practices. We objectively define and evaluate roles based on scope and responsibility. We do an annual performance and pay review, with performance evaluations calibrated across the board, and pay adjustments tied to factors like performance, market rates, and internal equity – all aligned with our comprehensive compensation framework.

Perhaps most importantly though, we audit current base salaries in comparable roles to identify any potential pay differences that can't be explained by objective factors. During our annual compensation review cycle, we flag any inconsistencies with our policies and practices, and make the necessary adjustments to uphold true pay equity.

The result? Based on our latest analysis, we've achieved base pay equity across all our employees in the same roles and titles, regardless of gender or race. We are also seeing an upward trend in our female employee progression year over year. But we know the work doesn't stop there. Pay equity is an ongoing commitment at Amperity – we're continually striving to create a fair, inclusive, and equitable workplace for every single one of our employees, each and every day.

Building an inclusive workplace by listening to our employees 

When we're hiring new people, right from the get-go we make it a priority to understand the unique perspectives and needs of our diverse Amperity community. That awareness allows us to identify any potential adjustments in our policies or processes, and continually work on building a workplace that people genuinely want to be a part of.

We don't just make assumptions about what's working and what's not – we actively listen to our employees. Through company-wide engagement surveys, new hire surveys, and exit surveys, we gain valuable insights into why people are joining us, staying at the company, or deciding to move on. That feedback directly shapes the action plans we create for our programs and initiatives.

Creating a culture of belonging: How Amperity fosters inclusivity and growth

Building that true sense of belonging is critical for us. We invest a lot into our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) by celebrating heritage months and culturally significant events. We also donate to community programs aligned with our ERGs' missions, including Adopt a Classroom, Latinas in Tech, and Black Girls Code. 

Beyond our ERGs, we support volunteering efforts through Amperity Cares, provide pathways for employee growth and development, and design our benefits, policies, and practices with inclusivity as a core focus.

Attracting diverse talent is another top priority. We use tools to connect to a wider pool of diverse candidates and really expand our diversity footprint from the very start.

Pay equity, inclusion and belonging are a continuous pursuit

Achieving true pay equity and an inclusive culture is an ongoing journey, not a one-and-done thing. We've made some great strides by implementing compensation practices to ensure pay is fair across gender and race. We review roles objectively, tie pay to performance and market rates, and audit for any inconsistencies. But we know we can't just check a box and move on. That's why we constantly seek feedback from our employees through surveys to understand their unique perspectives and needs. The bottom line is that we're committed to continuous improvement to make Amperity a place where every single employee truly feels valued, respected and like they belong.

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