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SessionM Partners with Amperity to Extend Data-Driven Brand Loyalty Capabilities

August 16, 2022

Amperity & SessionM

Data-driven strategies are at the center of today’s most meaningful consumer touchpoints, yet half of organizations struggle with data siloed across systems and are unable to build a 360-degree customer view. That’s why we’re excited to share that SessionM, a Mastercard company, has partnered with the leading customer data platform provider Amperity. With enhanced accuracy of profiles and relevancy of customer engagement, the world’s biggest brands can build even stronger and more profitable relationships with their customers.  

SessionM helps some of the world’s top brands — from QSRs and retailers to fuel and convenience and CPGs — build dynamic loyalty programs and superior experiences rooted in customer data, leading to a 45% increase in customer lifetime value. With the integration of AI-powered identity resolution and flexible customer profiles through Amperity’s Profile Accelerator for Mastercard, brand teams will be able to access a detailed 360° view of their customers within the SessionM platform by bringing together the brand’s own disparate data sources, giving them richer knowledge across an enterprise of who their customers are and what they want. These insights allow customer-facing teams to deliver exceptional experiences that build loyalty and value by making customers feel understood and appreciated.  For example, an apparel brand might have the email address of a customer who used guest check-out to purchase a dress last week in-store and be able to use it to link that purchase to the customer’s loyalty account. Having a granular view of where consumers previously engaged and what products they prefer lets brands incentivize them toward repeat purchases in their preferred channel and category, so it feels both seamless and rewarding to interact with the brand in the way that fits them best. 

Amperity’s patented technology gathers and securely preserves brands’ disparate data sources, creating unified customer profiles before integrating with customer engagement tools. Amperity reports productivity improvements for data management at 80%, with processes that typically take 8-10 months resolving in days or weeks. Amperity’s Profile Accelerator solution can help to provide more efficient data-driven loyalty, analytics, and marketing services rooted in responsible data practices. 

Responsible use of data is critical to unlocking the next generation of relevant, rewarding loyalty experiences for consumers and brands alike. This collaboration builds on SessionM’s commitment to make that a reality—making it easier for brands to embrace best-in-class customer engagement in an ever-more digital world. 

Learn more about using data to craft loyalty strategies and boost customer satisfaction in our solution brief and reach out to mastercard@amperity if you have any questions.