July 12, 2022 | 3 min read

The Spirit of “Play for Each Other”

We’re proud to be building a company that celebrates diversity, champions individual rights, and shows up for one another and our communities.

Amperity logo on a multicolored blurred background.

This world of ours is a diverse place, and Amperity aspires to reflect that. Our company brings together people with different backgrounds and cultures, working together to create something unique. We’re proud to be building a company that celebrates diversity, champions individual rights, and shows up for one another and our communities to create the world we want to live in. 

We try to express that in one of our core company values: play for each other. We often talk about this value in terms of working collaboratively and pursuing shared goals, but another huge part of it is taking care of our employees and giving them the support they need to navigate life’s challenges. 

At Amperity, that starts with the basic stuff that any employee should have access to: health benefits, flexibility of work location, and self-managed PTO so people can enjoy a healthy work/life balance and take care of their families. But it also means addressing more complicated considerations, like ensuring our employees have consistent and safe access to healthcare, regardless of where they live. 

In light of the recent United States Supreme Court ruling, we will continue to cover abortion as a medical procedure and will provide travel expense support to employees who live in a state that bans or otherwise restricts access to care. It’s a strange time when private companies need to take action to protect the rights of their employees, but given the fundamental nature of this question, it was an easy choice for us to make. We also try to do our part to honor diversity, equity, and inclusion. We fully subscribe to the idea that unique identities are a source of strength, creativity, and innovation. It’s important to us that personal beliefs are upheld and respected, and that we build an environment of active cultural and social awareness.  Since 2020, we have had a dedicated focus on increasing diversity in hiring, and that emphasis remains a priority. Our commitment to inclusivity starts right at the beginning of the interview process, where candidates are invited to record how their name is pronounced and to share their personal pronouns so that they can be their authentic selves.  

We also have a growing number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) representing a range of different backgrounds, with the goal of fostering community and inclusivity while giving folks a chance to share their unique experiences. Our ERGs host panels and film viewings that highlight important events and heritage months, and they also contribute to positive change in our external communities through donations and organizing volunteer efforts that employees can participate in using their quarterly volunteer days.

We’re always learning as a company and as individuals, and we aim to get one step better every day. As we grow, we will continue nurturing diversity and identifying barriers that exist within policies and processes so we can remove them. 

We think about community as including our company, our customers, and the places we live — and the foundation of all of that is our employees. This is why playing for each other is so important to us. 

Amperity’s products understand and fix the messiness of data, but we’re also sensitive to the messiness of human life, and we’re committed to supporting our employees through it. Our goal is to make our workplace a safe, diverse, creative space for people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.