July 9, 2020 | 2 min read

What to Look For in a CDP & Data Warehouse Partnership

Three key considerations when thinking about using a data warehouse as the basis for 360-degree customer profiles

Amperity and Snowflake.

Amperity and Snowflake have teamed up to make building a Customer 360 from data stored in a data warehouse easy and secure.

Not only is the combination a winner for companies that want to build a unified view of the customer, it’s a great model for the functionality and features a partnership like that should offer.

When thinking about using a data warehouse as the basis for 360-degree customer profiles, here are three key considerations to keep in mind:

Seamless back and forth between platforms

When building a Customer 360 database off of warehoused data, there needs to be a frictionless loop between the two providers. Data moves from the warehouse to the platform that assembles the Customer 360 profiles, then profiles go back to the warehouse so that the brand can make use of the enriched data. Profiles go back out for updates and back to the warehouse for continued use. When the pairing is optimized, like with Snowflake and Amperity, it speeds up the process to minimize data downtime and maximize the usefulness of the Customer 360.

Keeping it secure

When customers give you their personal information, that’s an act of trust. A security breach involving a leak of customer data could be crippling to a brand’s reputation. Transferring data adds an extra layer of risk, so it’s of the utmost importance that the handoff be secure. That’s why tech vendors like Snowflake and Amperity that handle a brand’s customer data take all necessary precautions to keep the data safe.

Cloud agnostic

The best tech vendors are able to accommodate whatever situation their clients are in, and partnerships should be an extension of that. By working with the cloud service provider that the client prefers, Amperity and Snowflake model the flexibility that brands should expect from their data infrastructure.

Amperity offers unique and patented ID resolution and a customer profile engine. Snowflake offers the ability to easily share data with others and provides a robust data layer that Amperity pushes these profiles to. Brands can then control and report on those profiles entirely in their own environments. The two applications are a match made in heaven (or at least in the cloud).

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