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Accelerating business results with a Customer 360

increase in click-to-open rate for high frequency shoppers
increase in click-to-open rate for discount-only shoppers

“With our Customer 360, we now have significantly more accurate profiles - with more behavioral and transactional attributes and context - than any other consumer view in our history.”

The challenge

A lifestyle brand came to Amperity and BCG as they were pivoting from a primarily wholesale-driven business to direct-to-consumer to drive their next phase of business growth. With limited internal resources available to implement a Customer Data Platform, having a strategic partner was the key they needed to ensure the project run smoothly.

They struggled with access to their customer data from across channels, including purchase, app, and engagement data. Without a single source of customer truth, they also lacked actionable insights and the ability to track the effectiveness of their marketing strategies or ROI.

The solution

The BCG team, led by Abhishek Dalmia and Alex Barocas, drove discovery with the lifestyle brand’s C-suite to identify their key customer data challenges, created an overarching strategy, defined, launched, and validated the key use-cases critical for the CDP to achieve North American retention and revenue targets. BCG ensured the brand’s team adopted the Amperity platform by working with Amperity in delivering bespoke enablement and documentation with over 50 hours of training and documentation.  Amperity unified data feeds across an expansive data landscape, with 16 feeds for daily ingestion and 45 customer data tables to provide the foundation of a customer data landscape. Amperity’s implementation team then brought in all the data, stitched it together, and created a Customer 360 with custom, calculated, and predictive attributes to hydrate all downstream systems and deliver predictive insights. BCG & Amperity’s collaboration in deploying Amperity coupled with the lifestyle brand team's readiness accelerated the time to value by over 30%.

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