BCG and Amperity partner to transform marketing capabilities to drive brand and business growth through accelerating a customer-centric strategy and building sustainable advantages in customer data and analytics.

BCG's diverse, global teams are passionate about unlocking potential and making change happen. BCG delivers integrated solutions through leading-edge management consulting, technology and design, advanced analytics and AI, and corporate and digital ventures.

Amperity & BCG

BCG and Amperity have partnered to help brands deploy their Customer Data Platform with quality

Deliver value

BCG defines high value business use-cases and manages end-to-end technical, data, and integration needs to ensure value is delivered.

Accelerate Deployment

Our joint methodology has proven to accelerate our customers’ time to value by 37%.

Empower clients

Amperity & BCG teams' combine their advanced marketing, technology, and analytics knowledge to enable marketing and analytics teams and build sustainable capabilities.

"Amperity is an enterprise-scalable solution that delivers across all four capability functions of BCG’s CDP vendor framework: Data ingestion, Unifying Customer Records; Intelligence & Decision Making; and Activation."

Learn how Amperity and BCG unified billions of records for a leading lifestyle brand

A lifestyle brand came to Amperity and BCG as they were pivoting from a primarily wholesale-driven business to direct-to-consumer to drive their next phase of business growth. With limited internal resources available to implement a Customer Data Platform, having a strategic partner was the key they needed to ensure the project run smoothly— ultimately enhancing their digital transformation far faster than they could on their own.

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Amplify 2021 - Enabling Growth Through a Modern TechStack

Marketers must know, understand, and then intelligently activate & engage their consumers to drive growth. Accordingly, a Modern TechStack is fundamental to best-in-class Data-Driven Marketing. Here we discuss what it takes to deploy a CDP effectively and the value unlock that comes from more effective acquisition and retention strategies.

Alex Barocas, Partner and Associate Director, Personalization & Digital Marketing, BCG

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