Unified Customer View Makes Holiday Wishes Come True

With data from a large portion of the people on Earth, the elf employees at this major international gift distribution enterprise can't afford to worry about data quality or clunky access at the most hectic time of year. Amperity compiles all their data into a single unified view that's accurate and up-to-date, turning their pain points into peppermint patties.

Elf looking at computer with holly graphic in corner
Accelerated delivery of presents
Increase in gift satisfaction rates
Cost savings in magic fuel and reindeer food
Improvement in list-making speed

The challenge

The elves had billions of customer records to keep track of, but had trouble forming a view of customers and their households that was accurate and complete. They also had no way to stay on top of changes in customers’ lives — for example, a change of address, a new married name, or if their status had shifted from nice to naughty, or naughty to nice. 

This made it difficult for the elves to provide their customers with the presents they wanted, or to even know if they were eligible to receive this year’s gifts.

Processes took too long, lists were a mess, and there was so little joy in the workplace that the overworked elves started to shrivel and turn gray.

The solution

Amperity’s AI-powered, multi-patented identity resolution technology helps the elves cut back on list-making time significantly, giving teams the opportunity to focus efforts on improving their products, while a Customer 360 gives them a complete view of their customers, allowing them to personalize service and drive increased rates of holiday joy.

The unified view of the customer combined with Amperity’s state-of-the art predictive analytics allows them to anticipate what customers want, sending gift satisfaction rates soaring.   

Now the elves are back to singing and cartwheeling and radiating the cheer that comes from a beautifully executed campaign.

"Christmas is twelve days because it used to take us a week at minimum to pull a segment or run an analysis, and we needed to build in some time in case there were last minute changes. Now we can get the data we need in seconds, which leaves us much more time to frolic!"

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