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Customer Spotlight: Twinkle and Holly from a global distribution enterprise

December 13, 2022

Spotlight: Twinkle & Holly

It’s time for a holiday-edition customer spotlight! The coolest part of our jobs is learning about the amazing things our Amperity users do with data.

The elves in five: 

  • Twinkle and Holly are in the Little Helpers Division of a major international gift distribution enterprise

  • Twinkle runs the Analytics team and Holly is head Marketing manager

  • They love having a unified view of data they can trust and easily access

  • With Amperity, the elves can stay on top of who is naughty or nice

  • Every year after holiday season, the elves fly to Hawaii for some sun and eggnog cocktails

What are you two responsible for as heads of the Little Helpers Unit?

Twinkle McJingles:  As head Elf of my jolly Analytics team, I’m in charge of providing the big boss, Kris K., with actionable insights that help him make informed business decisions and ensure everything is sugary-sweet. My little team and I also build the proper infrastructure to pull those insights from our data and I’m in charge of the whole process — from data to decisions. 

Holly Tinklebottom: I’m in the Merry Marketers division. My job is to make sure that we match what presents our billions of customers want to what they will get and make sure they have the best cheer-filled season!

What teams do you work with or support? What does this entail?

TM: I work with our marketing, e-commerce, and sales teams. A huge part of my role is democratizing data throughout the company, so I train teams to use these tools that allow them to make quicker, smarter decisions. My goal is to use data-driven insights to bring our customers joy. 

HT: I work with teams across the organization, from our data elve-valuators to our caroling success representatives. I make sure all the insights on our billions of customers are up-to-date and that every experience they have with us is personalized and magical! That means checking where married couple John from Wisconsin and Carol from Singapore are spending Christmas this year (Singapore or US?) or seeing if little Joey still loves making model cars or if he’s moved onto dinosaurs. My insights are super important because otherwise, there may be some grinchy problems!

Twinkle working at a desk

Has your use of Amperity changed how you get work done?

TM: Every elf in the company has access to the data they need. And we can update the data immediately — that means if Billy has been naughty all year but cleaned up his act around October, we can log all his nice behavior. All of this information impacts what type of present he’ll get. We use first-party data from Amperity to decide what products we will make this year.

HT: We can get value from our data so quickly now and turn insights into results fast. And now that we have a 360 degree view of our customers, we can better understand their behavior, desires, and what will truly bring them joy. In total, I’d say we’ve cut costs by 71% by not wasting money on unwanted presents and only making products our customers want.

"Christmas is twelve days because it used to take us a week at minimum to pull a segment or run an analysis, and we needed to build in some time in case there were last minute changes. Now we can get the data we need in seconds, which leaves us much more time to frolic!"

What role does customer data play in your organization?

HT: Customer data is hugely important in our organization. In our line of work, we have so much data that’s constantly changing, and we need to stay on top of it, understand it, and make decisions from it. If we can’t do that, it can ruin someone’s holiday! 

TM: Do you remember what happened with Julie Bell? A few years ago, Julie asked for a giant tube of jelly beans for Christmas, so we packed that up for her. But it turns out that a month before Christmas, Julie gorged herself on jelly beans and made herself sick. So when she opened that huge pack of multi-colored beans at Christmas, Julie wasn’t exactly happy….

HT: Now that we have Amperity, incidents like that never happen. In fact, our gift satisfaction rates have increased by 250%!   

What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do with data?

HT: Putting together lists for our yearly gifting extravaganza used to take me months! Now I can do it in one day. And when I was finally done with the list, I would have to recheck everything to make sure there were no mistakes, which was so tedious and frustrating – do you know how many Sallys, Marks, Lisas, and John’s there are in the world? Millions! 

What is your favorite feature/capability in Amperity, and what do you use it for?

TM: The householding feature is so helpful because we know how many different customers are under the same roof. It saves precious time and fuel — our Head of Transport, Rudolph, is very eco-conscious (and traveling around the world in one night is exhausting), so he really appreciates it when we can make his delivery schedule as efficient as possible.

Tell us about what you like to spend time doing outside of work.

HT: Personally, I love to get manicures with Mrs. Kringle. But the best part of every year is OUR holiday since we work so hard. 

TM: At the end of the year, all the elves fly first-class to Hawaii, where we spend two blissful weeks playing in the sand, sunning on the beach, and drinking eggnog cocktails. 

To learn more about the results the elves are seeing with Amperity and the best holiday first-party data strategies, head to our customer page