Amperity Acquires Custora to Build Next-Generation Customer Data Platform

A Letter from our CEO
This is a milestone moment for us, and we are so incredibly grateful. We see this joining of two best-in-breed solutions as a tremendous opportunity to deliver the capabilities that brands need to thrive as customer-centric businesses of the future.
Kabir Shahani
Co-founder & CEO, Amperity
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Amperity + Custora
Next-Generation CDP

Amperity + Custora will help brands know their customers, make strategic decisions, and consistently take the right actions to serve customers and grow their businesses. The platforms will merge, producing a next-generation Customer Data Platform that provides intelligent capabilities across data management and unification, analytics and insights, and activation.


Know your customers, what they purchase, and how they behave with a truly comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date customer 360 view.


Prioritize the investments that matter and make smarter decisions with predictive analytics, segmentation, and interactive dashboards.


Serve customers with activation, automation, and integrations to personalize and improve every customer experience at scale.

Amperity delivers unified customer profiles with a completeness that we rely on, to help us make decisions that drive the growth of the business. The ability to quickly identify customers and trends, and then apply deeper insights is hugely valuable to us and any brand looking to modernize their business. As a customer of both companies, I’m looking forward to working with one team to improve our ability to identify and engage with our highest value, most loyal customers.
Michael Relich
Chief Operating Officer
e.l.f. Cosmetics is built on the foundation of reaching every eye, lip, and face but the approach of dividing customers simply by demographics is long gone. Custora has allowed us to unlock the customer in a way that showed insights we hadn't been able to see before. Their focus on purchasing behavior has allowed us to use insights to break down barriers not only around customer retention and acquisition but across teams including product innovation, merchandising, and beyond. We are excited to see what this next phase of the platform will bring.
Ingrid Milman Cordy
VP of eCommerce

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