Amplify 2024: Win the AI Revolution with Better Customer Data 

May 16, 2024 | 9AM - 6PM ET
 | City Winery, New York City

In today's data-driven world, businesses are increasingly relying on AI and ML to enhance customer experiences and drive growth. However, the effectiveness of these technologies hinges on the quality of the data they're trained on. Amplify 2024 will equip you with the knowledge and tools to build a customer data foundation with high quality data to win the AI Revolution.

The challenges are real, but there are answers. Join us on May 16th to learn how brands like yours are: 

  • Leveraging an AI-powered toolkit to streamline customer data operations across your CDP and data warehouse.

  • Democratizing Generative AI to connect, explore, and act on customer data.

  • Reducing customer acquisition costs in-person and online by leveraging first-party data in the new cookie-less world.

Amplify is for brand leaders and first-party data experts to share their expertise and  accelerate their business  strategies for the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect and learn with hundreds of like-minded data champions at NYC’s largest winery.

We look forward to seeing you in New York,

Team Amplify

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"It was well worth the trip to NYC. The content was compelling, the attendees were highly engaging, and the venue was great.”

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The Difference Between AI Hype and AI Reality

AI is only as good as the data it's trained on. Unfortunately, most AI doesn't live up to the hype because businesses can't build and maintain a high-quality customer data foundation. Learn how to take advantage of the latest AI and ML to resolve identities and streamline customer data operations between your CDP and Data Warehouse.

The Efficiency Expert Revolutionizing Engagement

Customer centricity is operationally challenging. The diversity of teams, tools, and skill sets needed to engage with customers effectively is daunting. Explore how we're helping businesses democratize Generative AI to connect, explore, and act on their customer data more efficiently.

Reaching New Customers in a Cookieless World

Google has officially started blocking third-party cookies. As a result, brands are spending more money on less effective digital advertising. Learn how brands reduce customer acquisition costs and measure digital ads' impact on in-store purchases by leveraging their first-party data.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

5:00pm - 7:30pm: Opening Reception

More information

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Morning sessions

Welcome & Opening Keynote

Win the AI Revolution with Better Data

Technology is rapidly evolving to support the free flow of data needed to fuel AI. Learn how Amperity is opening its platform to empower the next generation of builders and marketers to unlock AI's potential with a new standard in data quality and sharing.

Marketing Breakout

How Businesses Can Quickly Adopt Gen AI

Generative AI is a transformational technology that requires a new way of working. Learn how Wyndham Hotels and Resorts transformed their day-to-day operations to take advantage of AmpAi and quickly answer business critical questions. 

IT Breakout

To Be Announced

Marketing Breakout

To Be Announced

IT Breakout

A New Way of Working with Data Warehouses

Learn about a new, secret innovation that allows builders to save time enriching and activating customer data stored in any Data Warehouse.

Networking break


Keynote: How to Plan and Execute a Multi-Brand Strategy

Understanding how preferences change is critical to driving value across a multi-brand strategy. Learn the data strategies SPARC Group and Vail Resorts utilize to capture and share signals across brands to connect the customer journey.


Afternoon sessions


Analytics Leadership: Building a Data-Driven Culture

Marketing Breakout

The Future of Identity in Cookieless Advertising

Privacy changes make renting customer data an ineffective paid media strategy. Learn how online advertising is changing and what brands can do to reach new customers with their owned data.  

IT Breakout

Identity on Demand: A Faster Way to Stitch Data

Keeping audiences up-to-date is essential to deliver timely messages. Learn how the number one identity resolution solution now processes incremental data more frequently without sacrificing accuracy. 

Marketing breakout

How to Monetize Your Media Asset

Brands are using their first-party data to unlock new revenue streams. Learn how Loblaw and Dick's Sporting Goods use customizable insights and targeted advertising in retail media networks to drive incremental revenue.

IT Breakout

How to Control the Hidden Costs of Customer Data Operations

The tradeoff between data quality and speed is a false choice. Learn how Amperity helps builders save time and resources with an AI-powered toolkit to build a CDP.

Networking break


Build a CDP Around a Data Warehouse 

Data Warehouses are embracing data sharing as they transition to Data Lakehouses. Learn how Virgin Atlantic is re-architecting its tech stack to seamlessly share data across every app and channel.


Generative AI: The New Rules of Engagement

Personalization at scale is possible if businesses embrace a new way of working. Learn how brands are reimagining their workforce and customer engagement to scale with generative AI. 

Closing & Happy Hour

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Amplify 2024 Speaker image of Thomas Koep, Vail Resorts

Thomas Koep

Director of Marketing Technology Applications, Vail Resorts

Amplify 2024 Speaker image of  Hope Vlacich, Wyndham

Hope Vlacich

Manager, Audiences & Digital Marketing Analytics, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Stylized image of Ben Weisel, Co-founder of Dick's Media

Ben Weisel

Co-Founder, Dick’s Media Dick's Sporting Goods

Amplify 2024 speaker image of Elise Edmonds Keefe from MacKenzie Childs

Elise Edmonds Keefe

Customer Database & Business Intelligence Manager, MacKenzie-Childs

Amplify 2024 Speaker image of Zainub Sareea, Bobit

Zainub Sareea

VP of Product, Bobit

Amplify 2024 Speaker image of Karilyn Anderson, SPARC Group

Karilyn Anderson

GVP, Digital Marketing & CRM SPARC Group

Virgin Atlantic logo

Tom Barber

Head of Data, Virgin Atlantic

The Venue

City Winery NYC

25 11th Ave

City Winery New York City is located at Chelsea Pier 57 in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District with skyline views across the Hudson River. The venue is a unique combination of delicious cuisine, musical experiences, and the comfort of wine country in the heart of the city. Amplify attendees will have access to the entire venue in a one of a kind “conference” experience.

Explore the venue

City Winery in New York, NY
Amplify Kick-off

Opening Reception

Wednesday May 15th, 5:00pm - 7:30pm  

One of the best parts of putting on a yearly summit is having an excuse to gather together and hear what our peers are most excited for in the year ahead, both personally and professionally. 

Before we spend the day sharing insights, predictions, and innovations, please join us for a casual night of cocktails, passed hors d’oeuvres and engaging conversations among the quaint setting of New York’s Brasserie Saint Marcs.

Explore the venue

Amplify 2024 Opening reception featured image

A few of our previous attendees

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