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Amperity is an enterprise-built, industry-leading customer data platform that is built from the ground up to focus on identity resolution by leveraging AI/ML and creating a persistent identity for every customer. Decrease deployment complexity, speed up time to value, and deliver the right customer data with Amperity. Retire your quota quickly with Amperity:

  • You receive 30% quota credit on Amperity contract value (typically >$1M/year)

  • Amperity is Partner Recorded Azure Consumed Revenue (PRACR) qualified - you get credit for ACR consumed in the Amperity tenant. Amperity typically drives $500k/year in ACR for Enterprise Customers.

Azure + Amperity: Trusted by the world's leading brands

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“Amperity enables Microsoft Retail Enterprises to deepen their customer engagement by stitching together multiple customer profiles to provide a single, 360 view of their customers.”


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How it works

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