Amperity & Slalom

Amperity and Slalom work together to uncover and solve customer data challenges brands face that lead to inefficiencies and lost ROI. With Amperity, Slalom customers can break down data silos to create a unified and comprehensive customer profile that leads to better analytics, audiences, predictions, and targeted marketing.

With Slalom offices located in 28 cities across the US, UK, and Canada, Slalom and Amperity teams have the breadth and agility to move fast and do what's right for your business.

Amperity & Slalom

Slalom and Amperity have partnered to help brands get more value from their first-party data

Get to know your customer

Read Slalom’s article on how the marketing power of a Customer Data Platform will boost your customer retention and drive brand loyalty.

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Accredited partner

Amperity is proud to have Slalom as a strategic partner and platform configurator that went through intensive implementation training and has a successful track record of implementations for Amperity.

A proven track record

Slalom has accelerated many of our customers’ time to value in using our platform.

“What sets Amperity apart is its patented machine learning probabilistic matching algorithms that leverage both customer attributes and internal primary keys to unify data. Moving away from deterministic, rule-based matching enables Amperity to make connections even when data is a mess.”

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How we jointly deliver value to our customers


Slalom evaluates your customer data needs aligned to your business objectives and gathers your requirements to enable accountable, actionable, and real-time marketing at scale.


Slalom brings in raw data from disparate sources into Amperity and Amperity unifies and resolves customer identity to create a flexible customer view for your business.

Activation & Insights

Using the power of Amperity, Slalom runs managed services, drives audience strategy, and supports you to create targeted marketing campaigns for your teams to achieve key business goals.


Slalom works with you to extend platform integration while Amperity delivers support functionality.

Learn how Amperity and Slalom deduplicated customer profiles by 43% for a home goods retailer

A major home goods retailer had complex, disparate systems to manage billions of customer interactions across in-store and online channels. They needed a unified view of the customer that guaranteed quality customer identity so they could improve marketing personalization by enhancing customer identity quality, moving data cleansing processes upstream and enable digital activation. 

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Get to know your customers with a CDP

Read this blog to learn how Amperity and Slalom break down data silos to create a unified and comprehensive customer profile that leads to better analytics, audiences, predictions, and therefore, better targeted marketing.

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