Amperity & Snowflake

Amperity makes it simple to access and use the customer data you have stored in Snowflake, with a patented machine learning approach that delivers unparalleled customer profiles inside a Customer 360. Get the most out of your Snowflake investment and give your teams the data they need to delight customers and fuel growth.

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Amperity and Snowflake.

Unleash customer data with Amperity & Snowflake

From raw data to rich customer models

Amperity transforms unstructured data from your Snowflake data cloud into robust, unified customer profiles available in a Customer 360 for advanced modeling, segmentation, and insights. With accurate profiles that stay fresh and up-to-date, you can run personalized campaigns and power customer experiences that make customers feel seen and appreciated.

Maximize accessibility and governance together

With support for SQL alongside an intuitive point & click UI, Amperity makes it easy for Analytics and Marketing teams alike to explore and use customer profiles, while governance controls limit PII only to the teams that need it. And because Amperity is a Powered by Snowflake partner, customer data never has to leave your data cloud.

No Snowflake? No problem.

With our Business Intelligence ConnectTM feature, Amperity can deploy a managed read-only Snowflake instance that handles enterprise reporting and query needs at cloud scale, with near-zero data warehouse setup, administration, or maintenance effort.

"The Amperity-Snowflake partnership offers us ultimate flexibility in how we leverage Amperity's single customer view to power Servco's analytics and marketing. We're excited to use Snowflake to seamlessly flow data into our data visualization ecosystem and further democratize access to high-quality customer analytics across our teams.”


A partnership for enhanced customer experiences

The partnership between Snowflake and Amperity is helping brands harness the full potential of their customer data and develop new methods of engaging with their customers. 

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Amperity named Leader in Customer Data Activation in Snowflake’s 2023 Report

Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report recognizes Amperity as a key partner in getting value from customer data.

Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack "Leader in Customer Data Activation"

Customer Spotlight: Tausif Islam from Servco

Hear from Tausif Islam, Data Visualization and Analytics Director from Servco on how he builds Tableau dashboards using unified Amperity data in Snowflake to communicate valuable customer insights across business teams.

Customer Spotlight Hero: Tausif Islam from Servco

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