Amperity's Lakehouse CDP plugs directly into Snowflake through support of Iceberg Tables and the recently introduced Polaris catalog. This makes it easy to unify and enrich customer data without replication or maintaining pipelines. Use Amperity's reverse ETL capabilities to sync data anywhere for activation, analysis, and AI use cases.

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Amperity and Snowflake.

Build a trusted data foundation in Snowflake

Eliminate data silos

Set up a bi-directional data share in minutes with Amperity Bridge. Easily access shared data anywhere with Snowflake's Iceberg-based catalog.

Enrich data in Snowflake

Don’t waste time building profiles with cascading business logic. Automate identity resolution and unify profile data with an AI-powered toolkit.

Send data anywhere

Activate data stored in Snowflake by using AmpIQ as a reverse ETL to send enriched customer data to 200+ destinations.

Amperity Bridge

Amperity Bridge enables zero-copy data sharing to and from Snowflake. It uses Apache Iceberg, the open-source data format used by Snowflake, so data is available across the tech stack through a shared catalog.

Fast set up

Connect Amperity to Snowflake in minutes using sharing keys instead of integrations. Accelerate time-to-value by gaining access to view and shape data quickly.

Zero copy

Control access to shared tables without replicating data across platforms. Save time building pipelines and save money by only storing data in a single place.

Scalable processing

Enrich massive volumes of data quickly since data is not moved or transformed from where it resides. Model customer data directly in Snowflake or Amperity.

Live data

View customer data at rest in each environment through a shared catalog. Start exploring and querying data without waiting for refreshes or updates.

"The Amperity-Snowflake partnership offers us ultimate flexibility in how we leverage Amperity's single customer view to power Servco's analytics and marketing. We're excited to use Snowflake to seamlessly flow data into our data visualization ecosystem and further democratize access to high-quality customer analytics across our teams.”


A partnership for enhanced customer experiences

The partnership between Snowflake and Amperity is helping brands harness the full potential of their customer data and develop new methods of engaging with their customers. 

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Amperity is a Snowflake Leader in Customer Data Activation

Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report recognizes Amperity as a key partner in getting value from customer data.

Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack "Leader in Customer Data Activation"
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