Amperity for retail

The retail landscape is changing faster than ever and omni-channel growth means your first-party data is richer than ever. Amperity helps leading retail brands dramatically outperform by harnessing that data to build lasting relationships with their customers.

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Common use cases for retailers

Churn Prevention

Find out who is predicted to churn and when, determine what will entice them to stay, and communicate with well-timed, relevant messaging and product offers.

VIP cultivation & loyalty

Identify customers with the highest predicted lifetime value and provide highly personalized experiences that make top customers feel valued.

First-time buyer conversion

Find first time buyers’ personas and serve up a compelling welcome series tailored to their preferences.

High-value acquisition

Determine which channels, messages, and offers bring in the highest value customers and create lookalike audiences to find more prospects like your best customers.

Promotion optimization

Identify individual preferences, test into the optimal promotional tiers, and identify opportunities to pull back on promotions.

Increase basket size

Locate which categories, products, and trends resonate with key segments, determine individual predicted product affinities, and make targeted product messages to audiences.

“Amperity allows us to better understand our customers and put actionable insights into the hands of our teams to drive experimentation and activation.”


Noam Paransky Chief Omni and Innovation Officer

VIP cultivation & loyalty

Learn how Amperity helped Brooks Running build a Customer 360 accessible and usable by teams across the global organization.

Image showing Amperity & BROOKS.

High value acquisition

See how DICK'S Sporting Goods uses Amperity to light up their audiences through personalization.

Amperity & DICK'S Sporting Goods

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