Solutions for Retail

Built to tackle retail’s biggest challenges

The retail landscape is changing faster than ever. Amperity helps retail brands produce dramatic results by building lasting, relevant relationships with their customers.


Predictive models built for retail

Channel proliferation, price transparency, supply chain transformation, and evolving retail formats are changing the game in retail. Amperity’s AI-powered models are fine-tuned to shifting customer behavior in retail to help you stay one step ahead.

Accelerated “launch plans” for retail use cases

From out-of-the-box insights on retail customer behavior to personalization at scale throughout the customer lifecycle, Amperity helps retail leaders understand their customers and take action to grow loyalty.

Unparalleled industry expertise

Our team of consultants has worked with hundreds of leading retailers and brings the strategic expertise to combine transformational impact with quick wins.

"Amperity has been a valuable partner in helping us deepen our customer analytics capabilities as we look to create a superior experience for today’s shoppers.”

TJ Papp VP of Digital/E-commerce, Kenneth Cole

Lucky Brand gets to know its high-value customers

Learn how iconic retailer Lucky Brand used Amperity to uncover a pocket of previously-unknown high-value customers worth $11 million a year.


Lucky Brand

Crocs drives 10x ROI and 2x revenue per user

Legendary footwear brand Crocs was struggling to become less reliant on promotions to drive demand. Using Amperity, the brand centralized customer data from across sources and channels – and gained immediate visibility into predictive insights on each user’s future behavior, including level of discount sensitivity. The brand then personalized email and site content accordingly, reaching out to customers with only the most relevant promotions at the right time. The result was a 100% increase in revenue per user.


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