Amperity solves our customers' biggest challenges

With an accurate and trustworthy CDP and enterprise-level functionality, the use cases to drive savings, revenue and alignment in your organization are unlimited

Build a Customer 360

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Build an enterprise Customer 360

Create an enterprise Customer 360 at a fraction of the time and cost

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Perform best-in-class identity resolution

Know who your customers really are so you can give them what they want

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Accelerate in-house customer data initiatives

Ingest data from siloed sources in hours rather than months, accelerating success for data initiatives

Find technology cost savings with Customer 360

Streamline data management processes and see value in 90 days

Engage anonymous customers

Identify customers that transact with you anonymously and expand your marketable audience

Connect customer data across brand ecosystem

Connect with any source in hours with hundreds of pre-built integrations and built-in flexibility

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Improve and enhance marketing cloud performance

Level-up marketing cloud actions with reliable data and customer intelligence

Enrich third-party customer data

Augment Customer 360 with third-party data when and where you need it

Analyze, Discover, Measure

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Enterprise Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions

Amperity lets you learn more about your existing customers to find patterns to acquire new ones. Here's how.

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Advanced analytics

A toolkit for turning customer data into strategic insight

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Improve marketing attribution

Capture both online and offline interactions with a comprehensive Customer 360

Become privacy compliant

Simplify compliance to privacy and security regulations with centralized and accurate customer data profiles

Build a Customer 360 for analysts

Lighting-fast SQL interface for advanced queries and deep exploration of customer data

Use Customer 360 for financial reporting

Financial forecasting and analysis based on customer behaviors and health metrics

Personalize and Activate

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Paid Media Activation

By using existing customer data, you can make more efficient use of media budgets by targeting the people are likely to be in your high value audiences.

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Manage upcoming third-party cookie deprecation

In a post-third-party cookie world, use first-party data to build a walled garden

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Grow loyalty membership

Grow your loyalty program by 10x

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Personalization at scale

Real-time, one-to-one personalization now

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Grow e-commerce business through customer lens

Foster loyalty with your best customers, reduce churn, and turn anonymous traffic into sales

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Increase customer lifetime value

Turn customers into champions with predictive analytics and insights

Orchestrate customer journeys

Build personalized journeys in real-time across marketing and customer experience channels

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