Manage the Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Stay ahead of the game with a shift to first-party data

No longer being able to rely on third-party cookies for targeting and measuring is actually an opportunity to take your first-party data practice to the next level. With the right CDP tools in place, you can retain your customers more effectively, develop more refined lookalike audiences for marketing to new customers, and share data in a privacy-compliant way with partners for strategic collaborations to increase reach.

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Why it's hard: marketers have been relying on third-party cookies for years

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Lost targetability and reach

Third-party cookies have been a core pillar of digital advertising, driving both customer acquisition and retention campaigns. The loss of this mechanism will require advertisers to find new ways to meet their revenue and efficiency goals.

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Decreased measurability

When you can't track which ads were shown to which user, which ads they engaged with, and who ultimately transacted, determining how efficient your ad spend turns into guesswork. Are we headed back to living out John Wannamaker's famous lament?

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Change in current operating practices

Adapting to the departure of third-party cookies is not just a change in tech and capabilities, but also in mindset and ways of doing things.

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Few alternative solutions

Between publishers, ad-tech players, and large tech companies that make the browsers, there has yet to be an emergent new standard, leaving brands with few good alternatives.

The Amperity approach to a world without third-party cookies

The first-party customer data you already have is your most powerful asset. Let Amperity help make the most of it to fill the gaps.

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Grow customer lifetime value by improving effectiveness on owned channels

After unifying your first-party data with Amperity, you can break free from re-acquiring your own customers on paid channels and focus on retaining and engaging existing customers.

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Find lookalikes who more closely resemble your best customers

Amperity helps go deeper into sub-segments of your best customers so you can get more and more specific with lookalike audiences to increase ad efficiency and effectiveness.

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Turn anonymous profiles into loyal customers

Incorporate your own first-party cookies into your Customer 360 so that with each interaction you can build up anonymous profiles into fully known customers.

When the third-party cookie party is over

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What will it look like when third-party cookies go away?

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Filling the third-party void with first-party data

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