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Supercharge e-commerce growth

More and more consumers are moving online, with traffic growing every day. You’re collecting massive amounts of customer data by the hour. The key to keeping up the pace is to bring scattered data together into a unified view of the customer, so that teams across your organization can make decisions and take action based on what customers are actually doing.

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We've seen runaway growth in e-commerce — but there are challenges to keeping it going.

Data in silos

As e-commerce has grown, so has the profusion of data that your customers share with you: online transactions, email interactions, browsing data, customer service system records, etc. — and often each type is stored in its own location, separate from in-store data, with no common key to link them together.

Data improvement projects are a heavy lift

It's easy to identify where customer data or integration systems can be improved. But the typical ways of doing it are expensive and can take a long time.

Lacking personalization expertise

Personalization and Journey Orchestration are still relatively new concepts in consumer marketing — many organizations don't know where to start or how to maximize their efforts when building out these capabilities.

Leaning heavily on third-party cookies

With the coming retirement of third-party cookies, brands need to pivot quickly and lean into their first-party data.

The Amperity approach to e-commerce growth

We believe customer-centricity is the only way to growth. Customers love brands who understand them. As brands improve their understanding, moments they create will do more to bring in new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

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Priorities, prioritized

Amperity's customer intelligence tools provide insights at the customer and segment level, including brand and channel behaviors, product preferences, revenue sizing, and recommended actions — so you’ll know where to focus your energy to drive growth.

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Customer journeys orchestrated

Unify your e-commerce customer profiles with your brick & mortar and customer service data in a month, and use our pre-built segments connected to your existing marketing tools get to personalized actions in 90 days.

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New customers found

With improved accuracy in customer records, you can create better lookalike audiences and target new customers instead of spending marketing dollars reacquiring existing customers.

"Everything we do revolves around improving our runners’ experience, and that means leveraging customer data in every interaction. Brooks contracted with Amperity and accomplished more in our first 10 weeks working together than during the entire engagement with our former customer data provider. The technology was up and running in 90 days!"

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