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Level up your loyalty

Discover how a unified customer data foundation can expand loyalty program membership & boost engagement.

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Knowing your customers makes loyalty programs more rewarding

Build a strong data foundation for loyalty

Accurate, comprehensive customer profiles give you a clear view of your customers and their loyalty status so you can personalize their experience.

Acquire new members

Build lookalike audiences based on your best loyalty members and serve campaigns to those customers most likely to join.

Cultivate high-value loyalty

A clear picture of customer preferences lets you offer the right perks, discounts, and products on the right channels to turn your customers into superfans.

Dig into program analytics

A unified customer view unlocks more granular analysis of your loyalty program to see what’s working.

“We saw results literally overnight with double-digit increases in ROAS, click-through rate, and loyalty conversion rate.”

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A better to way to acquire and connect with loyalty members

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Find audiences that look like your most valuable members

Use Amperity to identify which of your customers are likely to become loyalty or credit card members and develop targeted campaigns for higher conversion and ROI.

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Building long-term customer loyalty

Learn about how Alaska Airlines used Amperity to increase engagement with their loyalty customers.

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Elevating your loyalty platform

Empower your business to cultivate customer loyalty through data-driven insights, enabling tailored experiences and improved engagement.

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Link anonymous transactions to loyalty members

Use Amperity to resolve identities of customers who have multiple loyalty accounts, forget to input their loyalty number, or who transact on third party platforms and don’t input their loyalty information, so you always have a complete view of the customer and their preferences.

Loyalty program analytics to help fine tune offers

Offer Analysis

Use Amperity to compare loyalty offers and corresponding ROI to determine which offers drive the most revenue and repeat customers versus the offers that detract from margin.

Customer Value Analysis

Determine the lifetime value of loyalty versus non-loyalty customers to assess the effectiveness of your program.

Loyalty Card Analysis

Identify customers who are using a loyalty card belonging to a family member or friend and develop a tailored approach to entice them to join the program with their own account.

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