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Conversion Optimization

Use data you already have to drive better decisions for improved outcomes.

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Opportunities for Conversion Optimization

Resolve unauthenticated interactions

Amperity can ingest data from anywhere your customer interacts with your brand. Our iterative approach to a Customer 360 means each customer profile will evolve over time so a once unidentified interaction becomes a known customer.

Cultivate existing customers

Amperity's unique and more accurate approach to identify resolution combined with our "bring us all your messy data approach" to Customer 360 means we can serve as your direct link between first-party data and customer cultivation, ensuring you are reaching your customers with the right messaging, on the right channel at the right time.

Acquire new high-value customers

Amperity believes that you have no more powerful asset than your first-party customer data. We will help to harness that power and turn it into a measurable lift in new customer acquisition.

Turn customers into brand advocates

One of the strongest use cases of a golden customer record is moving your customer along the value curve, encouraging your best customers to become loyalty members and converting them into advocates.

“Amperity allows us to better understand our customers and put actionable insights into the hands of our teams to drive experimentation and activation, enabling us to personalize the critical touchpoints our brands have with our customers without the need for significant technology expertise or code."

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Industry-leading identity resolution to create the only unified customer view

Best-in-class identity resolution to uncover anonymous activity

  • Over 45 machine learning algorithms to identify clickstream or transaction activity without PII (like device ID, cookie, or last four digits of credit card number)

  • Easy integration from over 200 widely-used systems

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Tried-and-tested segmentation to give you a measurable edge

  • Segment lifetime value ensures you know what to spend and where to focus to acquire similar customers

  • Product affinity recommendations ensure you reach each customer with the product or service they’re most likely to want

  • Predicted churn likelihood ensures you’re able to reconnect with customers at risk of lapsing

Results that drive real value

Increased conversion rate at Alaska Airlines
Increased ROAS at Brooks Running
Increased conversion on generated leads at Servco
Increased conversion rate at Wyndham Hotels

Discover how Amperity can help deepen your customer engagement & grow your base

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