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Create and evolve an enterprise Customer 360 at one fifth the time & cost

Imagine all of your data sources in one location. The agility to add new sources and data from legacy systems in 80% less time. The ability to quickly spin up new custom attributes across all your customer profiles via a point-and-click interface and SQL editor. The flexibility to query the data and create customer segments and with no waiting. Your Customer 360 should be working hard while making things easy.

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Why it's hard: Costly ETL, low organizational trust, and evolving data needs

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Expensive to unlock data trapped in silos

Legacy systems, customer service systems, e-commerce and POS data, email engagement data, external data sets, and more — all in different formats and locations with no common unifying key. There is a heavy (and expensive) lift in data extraction, transformation, transfer, and aggregation that stalls most Customer 360 projects.

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Lack of confidence in customer profiles

When no one in the organization trusts the profiles they're tasked to use, it's hard to have faith in results and recommendations. It's hard to move forward when everyone creates their own version of customer truth.

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Everyone uses customer data differently

Marketing, Analytics, Data Science, Customer Support, Finance, and others all want a different view of the customer data, and IT & Legal are concerned about the PII exposure and use in each case. Rigid, departmentally-oriented Customer 360s require you to prioritize one group over the others, preventing customer data from benefitting everyone across the enterprise.

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Changing business needs

When you use outdated, inflexible, and costly technologies to aggregate your data and to create your Customer 360, you end up with a fragile data asset that's painful to change. The end result: your customer data quickly declines in relevance to your business, despite your spending all that time and money creating it.

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The Amperity approach to Customer 360

Fast and flexible are our guiding principles. We want to get you up and running fast, with tools that allow you to onboard new platforms and data sources quickly. And we want to make it easy for you to manage the changes needed as your business needs evolve.

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Payback in half the time

On average our customers stand up a Customer 360 in 30 days and see value in under 6 months with pre-built segments and predictive insights that connect into the activation platforms they're already using.

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One dataset for an aligned organization

Our persistent ID makes it easy to create different views of the same customer data relevant to all your end users, from Analytics to Finance to Marketing to Customer Support and others, all while protecting PII. When everyone is using the same customer data, you can apply it more broadly including technical, analytical, marketing, customer experience and compliance use cases.

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Build a future-proof data asset

With Amperity’s flexible infrastructure, you’re never locked into the tech stack you have today. We continue to partner with upcoming, best-in-class tools so that your customer data asset and the use cases it serves can continue to evolve.

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