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Customer 360

Accurate and complete customer profiles hydrate all your downstream systems, powering up your marketing and analytics. Locate high-value customers for targeting and segmentation, find lookalike audiences, and identify unknown customers.

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Unleash exceptional results with Amperity’s Customer 360

Increase in loyalty sign-ups at Alaska Airlines
New high-value customers identified at DICK's Sporting Goods
Increase in annual spend from new target segment at a luxury brand
Increase in marketable audience at a leading wine & spirits company

“Amperity allows us to better understand our customers and put actionable insights into the hands of our teams to drive experimentation and activation.”


Why it's hard: expensive processes, shaky organizational trust, and evolving data needs

Data trapped in silos is difficult to unlock

Companies grapple with data from multiple sources that come in different formats, from different locations, with no common unifying key. To form a Customer 360, businesses need to spend money and time to extract, transform, and aggregate that data.

Changing business needs

Using outdated, inflexible, and costly technologies to aggregate your data and create your Customer 360 leaves you with a fragile data asset that's painful to change. The end result: customer data quickly declines in relevance, wasting the time and money spent building it.

Different teams have different data needs

Customer data needs to benefit your entire organization. Individual teams want different views of customer data and IT & Legal needs to know about PII exposure. Rigid, departmentally-oriented Customer 360s slow down processes and create more work.

Limited trust in customer profiles

If no one in the organization has confidence in the profiles, it's hard to have faith in results and recommendations. To move forward and get results, all team members need a single source of customer truth.

Amperity connects any team or technology to the most dependable view of the data

Fast and flexible are our guiding principles. That’s why Amperity’s multi-360 capability gives you the ability to create distinct view for teams and users from a single source of truth, providing what’s needed to get the most value from your customer data. Our “sandbox” environment makes it even easier to work with data by allowing you to safely make changes to any part of your foundation, including adding sources or changing your data model, with zero downtime.

It's your data — use it

The complete view you can trust

With confidence in your customer data—historical, behavioral, and transactional—you have the unmatched opportunity to understand and reach your customers.

One dataset for an aligned organization

Our stable ID makes it easy to create different databases for different users while protecting PII. When everyone works from the same source of truth, it can be applied to any use case—technical, analytical, marketing, customer experience, or compliance.

Build a future-proof data asset

With Amperity’s flexible infrastructure, you’re never locked into your current tech stack. We continue to partner with both best-in-class as well as emerging tools so that your customer data asset and the use cases it serves can continue to evolve while you accelerate your digital transformation.

Faster payback

Our customers quickly realize value from their Customer 360 with pre-built segments and predictive insights that connect to the activation platforms they already use.

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