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Better data makes advertising work better

As third-party signals & identifiers weaken, revive your ROAS with a first-party data strategy.

AdWeek Guide - Making First-Party Data Actually Useful

Unifying your customer data with Amperity makes it more accurate and easier to use. New fuel for your paid media, supercharged.

Cut costs and save time with direct activation  

Send audiences to top advertisers and skip the middle-man, bypassing a DMP for savings of up to 60% on fees and activation with no time lag. 

Higher match rates, better audience reach

Highly accurate customer profiles built on first-party data have more robust PII that drives match rates up to 10x higher than other sources.

Find more high-value customer segments

A clear and accurate view of your existing top customers helps  you build robust lookalike audiences to find & acquire valuable new prospects.

Reliable data privacy & compliance  

Comply with constantly evolving privacy laws and consent preferences by activating opted-in customers from first-party data source.

Amperity for Paid Media

Through industry-leading ad connectors and patented unified customer profiles, Amperity delivers over 10 billion unified customer profiles each day to ad platforms, representing more than $300 billion in digital ad spend annually. 


Amperity for Paid Media Success Stories

Speakers from SPARC Group and affiliated brands Forever 21 and Brooks Brothers share how they’re using unified customer data to drive revenue across a portfolio of brands.

Featuring SPARC, Forever 21, and Brooks Brothers

"For retention audiences, we test these all the time and we get 50% higher ROAS with the Amperity audiences versus either the platform audiences or what we were able to do prior. It's a really big deal."

Forever 21

Ryan Hofmann VP CRM & Channel Marketing Forever 21

Increased ROAS at Brooks Running
Increased paid channel ROAS at SPARC Group
Decrease in media costs at Wyndham
Increased match rates at First Hawaiian Bank

See how Amperity can make your paid media initiatives more effective