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Paid Media & Advertising

Make the most of your customer data across paid and social channels.

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Amperity makes your paid media strategy more effective and efficient

Move faster with direct activation

Direct connectors to the ad ecosystem reduce reliance on third-party platforms, giving marketers more autonomy and agility while cutting costs and risk.

Find high-value audiences

A clear picture of your existing top customers lets you build lookalike audiences to find valuable new prospects.

Get ahead of the third-party cookie deprecation

Building a strong first-party data asset for direct activation now will help you target your advertising when third-party cookies are gone.

Stop paying to reacquire existing customers

Brands misidentify as many as 25% of customers, leading to duplicate marketing that costs money and erodes customer trust.

“Our click-through rate on paid search has gone up 260% since we started working with Amperity.”

Melanie Allen, CMO, Brooks Running

First-class connectors to leading paid media services

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook

  • Snapchat

  • Microsoft Ads

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Powered by our industry-leading unified customer profiles

Rich profiles incorporating all the disparate bits of data give you a clear picture of your customers’ history with your brand. This knowledge lets you accurately segment customers and prospects for better acquisition targeting and more relevant messaging to your existing customers.

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Machine learning-powered segments to tailor your messaging

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Optimize your media targeting

You put a lot of time and effort into your ad campaigns, but all that’s wasted if the right people don’t see them.

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Your ad strategy, personalized

Learn about how Amperity teamed up with Microsoft Advertising to drive personalized digital marketing.

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Ad strategy in a cookie-less world

Learn about how your brand can use first-party data to be ready for the end of the third-party cookie.


Discover how Amperity can tie your paid media ecosystem together

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