March 6, 2024 | 5 min read

AmpAi: Four Ways AI Unlocks Value

AI capabilities that solve the challenges of data access and data quality.

How can artificial intelligence actually help you with customer data and marketing? When you look past the surface buzz around AI, how is it working to help you meet your goals? 

We’ve been focusing on this at Amperity since our founding, which is why we’re so excited to introduce AmpAi: a suite of AI tools including new generative AI capabilities on top of the foundational AI for data unification we built in 2016. 

(Learn more about how we got here in the press announcement; read on in this blog to see what it could mean for you.)

Our AI-powered capabilities make it easier for you to manage and get value from your customer data in four key areas:

  • Explore: Fuel smarter decisions by learning about your customer base conversationally

  • Assist: Accelerate data modeling for faster query creation & fact-finding

  • Predict: Unlock hidden revenue with rich intelligence on customer lifecycle and preferences

  • Stitch: Build trust in data with greatly improved customer identity accuracy

All of this makes your other AI tools work better as well, supplying them with higher quality data and more sophisticated strategic direction. Our AI capabilities aim to make your data more reliable, more accessible, more efficient to work with, and more effective to drive growth.

Below we’ll touch on each of the four AI capabilities to give a concise sense of how different applications of AI will power up customer marketing.

Explore: Fuel smarter decisions by learning about your customer base conversationally

What’s AI doing for you? An LLM-powered conversational interface lets you use natural language to ask questions about a customer segment’s preferences around product, engagement, and channel to gain insights that help with targeted campaign messaging and creative. For example, “How many platinum tier customers do I have in my Customer 360?” and “How much are my platinum tier customers worth?” and “What’s the revenue by product category for platinum customers last February?”

How does it help? A Gen AI interface for asking questions about customers in natural language lets marketers explore data faster in ways that non-technical users never could before. Simply asking a question gets marketers and executives deeper knowledge of their customer — no need for dashboards that only refresh once in a while or requests to IT or analytics to pull data that can take weeks to fulfill. 

Strategic decisions become easier when you understand who customers are, what they’ve done, and what you should do next.

Product illustration of AmpGPT
Product illustration of AmpGPT showing a query

Assist: Accelerate data modeling for faster query creation & fact-finding

What’s AI doing for you? Generative AI lets users write natural language prompts to ask the AI Assistant to draft SQL queries. AI can also help with troubleshooting a query if a platform user runs into an error. 

How does it help? An AI-powered sidekick for advanced SQL query creation lets analysts work more efficiently and reduce the time needed to check data accuracy and outcomes, ultimately speeding time to market. It also substantially lowers the barrier to writing SQL queries, letting marketers without a technical background jump in to answer their own questions. 

Product illustration of Amperity AI Assistant

Predict: Unlock hidden revenue with rich intelligence on customer lifecycle and preferences

What’s AI doing for you? AI-powered models predict customer lifetime value, order frequency, average order size, risk of churn, and product affinity. Predictions are based on a complete picture of the customer that includes full historical data for both online and offline. 

How does it help? Advanced predictive analytics grow your customer base by giving you key guidance on how and when to engage. Clear directions on when and how to engage with customers take the guesswork out of marketing, helping you make the right moves to retain more revenue, reduce churn and unsubscribes, and increase CLV.

product illustration of the Amperity segment editor

Stitch: Build trust in data with greatly improved customer identity accuracy

What’s AI doing for you? AI and ML matching algorithms unify online and offline first-party data with the nuance of a human but at massive speed and scale. A transparent process highlights how & why the AI merged data to allow for easy audits and ensure an accurate data foundation.

How does it help? This is the critical first step on which all the other elements of AI for customer data depend. When AI and machine learning are powering identity resolution, it dramatically improves data quality, which in turn improves everything else. Rich and complete omnichannel profiles make for more accurate predictions and better insights for personalization and creative marketing.

The sophistication of AI matching keeps profiles up to date by accounting for the frequent changes in customer data, like a new email address, moving to a new home, shifting engagement patterns and preferences, etc. 

Product illustration of Amperity's stitch diagram, showing how a profile is stitched together from various attributes

How all our AI capabilities comes together

We added new generative AI capabilities to our existing AI-powered data unification and predictive analytics with the ultimate goal of adding value to the commerce experience for both brands and their customers. Putting all these capabilities together makes customer data more accurate, more accessible, more effective, and more efficient. We’re excited to see how well it’s working for our clients who are already using it, and we can’t wait to watch it evolve.

One final note: Because our AI capabilities are operating across the whole customer data workflow, we created a unique icon to indicate where AI is at work in our platform and highlight how it’s all connected. It’s a combination lightning-zap and sparkle, affectionately known as the “Larkle,” bringing together the popular magic sparkles motif for AI with the electricity of Amperity’s brand. If you see it in the Amperity platform you’ll know that AI tools are making your job easier and more effective.

To learn more about how the AmpAi suite can revolutionize your data access and data quality, visit our product page.