September 22, 2021 | 5 min read

Amperity Culture: Always Growing, Always Playing For Each Other

At Amperity, we believe that keeping our people invested goes beyond snacks, swag, and social events.

Photo of Amperity staff at annual company party

We've been recognized by Comparably for Best Company Culture 2021, mid-size companies! Comparably awards are based on anonymous employee evaluations — check out the methodology here.

When it comes to company culture, the phrase “I work in tech” usually conjures up images of ping pong tables, kombucha on tap, and group outings to baseball games or cooking classes. But as pleasant as these bonuses are, the benefits rarely have much to do with company culture. 

At Amperity, we believe that keeping our people invested goes beyond snacks, swag, and social events. Of course, we do have all of those things, but working with us is just a little different than working with your average tech start-up. 

Every new employee is featured in our company-wide newsletter where they introduce themselves and answer a few questions. One of those is: why did they choose Amperity? Some mention the technology, others the potential a growing company has to offer, but every single one mentions the people.

We are a team of inventors and innovators

When Amperity was founded, the solution to the problem we were trying to solve didn’t actually exist yet — so we invented it. 

About the company pages from the Amperity brand book

Since day one, Amperity has been a company of builders. There’s palpable excitement around making something entirely new, whether it be cutting-edge technology, business relationships, or innovative solutions for customers. Our work deals with creating the unknown, and the freedom and opportunity this brings encourage Ampers to challenge their own capabilities daily. That vibrant energy infuses every facet of Amperity. 

Our culture is informed by our employees — we invest our time and dollars into what is important to them.

We focus on what matters to our employee community

When Ampers speak up, it matters. Our culture is informed by our employees — we invest our time and dollars into what is important to them. 

In the last year alone, we have:

  • made a public commitment to increase diversity in our hiring in 2020, and delivered on our promise

  • hosted internal workshops and training on requested topics like unconscious bias and preventing burnout

  • organized discussion panels featuring marginalized and under-represented groups to amplify these voices and raise awareness and understanding

  • focused Ampers’ time and skills in supporting efforts that directly impacted our communities like The Big Climb, The Plate Fund, and Feeding America

  • created new policies and benefits around volunteer time off and recovery days after big projects   

We also have an active Culture Committee, a rotating group of volunteer employees who serve as internal advocates for Ampers and play a vital role in growing our culture. By working to amplify all employees' voices, interests, and needs, they help create a company-wide environment where people feel safe to speak their minds. By providing the space to make changes in how we do things and focus our resources, every Amper has ownership in the company we are building.

 A people-first, people-driven culture is so much part of us that we even wrote a book about it. Published in January, our culture book shares the Amperity story — from our core values that guide our culture, to our ambitious beginnings, and our bright future. The book invites new employees to make their own contributions to our growing company and share what it means to be an Amper.  

Values pages from Amperity culture book

It’s a great time to join Amperity

We remain committed to maintaining a workplace that adapts and improves for the better, fosters relationships, and allows Ampers to do their best work as we grow — and we’re growing like crazy. 

Amperity is hiring at an explosive rate — 80 new Ampers joined the company in the first half of 2021 alone. And with a just-announced $100M Series D financing and a $1B valuation, this is only the beginning. Funding aside, Amperity will continue to flourish and thrive because of our community of Ampers who show up every day to make our company culture values a reality: build for durability, make something better today, and play for each other. 

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