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Amplifying BI Tools with Business Intelligence Connect

May 24, 2021

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Amperity is proud to launch Business Intelligence Connect, a new premium feature for Amp360 that allows users to effortlessly feed accurate, comprehensive customer data into the leading reporting and data visualization tools.

In 2020, the business intelligence (BI) software market reached $20 billion. Despite the substantial investments made, wide usage of these tools has been slow, with many enterprises not realizing the full potential of their BI capabilities.

There are a few common issues hindering user adoption of BI tools:

  • Hard to access data spread across separate systems

  • Outdated IT infrastructure making data integration expensive

  • Heavy pressure on understaffed IT teams to pull the underlying data assets together in a usable form for BI tools

  • Lack of trust in the accuracy of the underlying data (BI tools do not solve data integration and data accuracy problems)

BI tools function at their best when data is collected in a single easy-to-access location and cleansed for accuracy. When the data has had the chance to go through a separate identity resolution process, and is then assembled into a comprehensive Customer 360, the BI platform can accurately identify each customer, rather than trying to work with customer data scattered into silos.

This is how Amperity products power optimal use of BI tools: AmpID stitches together scattered customer identities with inconsistent PII data and no linking keys into stable records, while Amp360 aggregates data about each customer into a comprehensive Customer 360 data asset. After the data asset is created, Amperity Business Intelligence Connect links seamlessly with your preferred BI tools to power advanced analysis of the data. Supported BI tools include Tableau, Looker (Google Cloud), Domo, Qlik, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight, Oracle Business Analytics, and SAP Business Objects.

With Business Intelligence Connect, BI tools run on the most accurate and complete customer data, allowing brands to make better decisions and to finally access the full value of their BI investments.

Amperity Business Intelligence Connect is available to all Amp360 clients today — contact your account manager to learn more.

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