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Next-level 1:1 personalization with Amperity & Braze

June 22, 2021

Amperity & Braze

As customers, we all want to have strong relationships with brands we feel strongly connected to. This goes beyond money exchanged for goods and services. Brands have the ability to affect our lives by creating products we use daily and building value-driven communities we benefit from. The strongest brands support our lifestyle in practical and often unseen ways. In turn, customers provide brands with valuable feedback that serves as inspiration for new products and offerings.

This symbiotic relationship is at the heart of every brand’s mission. But how do brands achieve and continue to keep this privileged status with their customers? Another way of looking at this is: how can you break new ground in the way you deliver customer experiences and solve for one-to-one personalization?

That’s why we're excited to announce our new partnership with Braze, which enables intuitive one-to-one messaging personalization and guarantees that the customers receive the information that they need, at the right time, on the channel they respond to best.

When thinking about how to raise the bar and deliver new experiences to customers, people’s first instincts are usually to find tools that orchestrate journeys or send messages. But without a strong customer data foundation, even the most sophisticated of personalization tools won’t get you all the way there. The most relevant messages sent in the most up-to-date channels won’t have maximum impact if they’re not reaching the intended audience.

Cater to your customer

Here are four things brands should think about when trying to automate personalized customer experiences at scale.

Make messaging relevant

  • Customers don’t want or need more messages about products they’ve just bought or product suggestions they’re not interested in. This type of messaging can turn customers off and damage brand perception and future engagement. Make sure to market products based on in-the-moment customer behavior, preferences, and signals.

Deliver a smooth and personalized customer onboarding that leaves a lasting first impression

  • Take the time to get to know your customers and understand their likes and dislikes so you can tailor your future messaging campaigns and get your lifelong relationship off to a great start. You can also add personalization based on high-value actions—such as finishing profiles and completing job applications—and automatically adjust your messages based on whether users successfully completed a given action, creating a seamless experience.

Encourage customers to share with their community to drive signups

  • If a customer signs up for an event, product, or offer, give them unique, personalized discount codes to share with friends and family so they can easily spread the word and pique more interest in your brand.

Re-engage inactive customers in a timely way

  • Don’t wait too long to reach out to customers who might have gone silent. Whether they gave you a not-so-great review or left behind items in the cart, demonstrate your value in a way that speaks to them.

All these ideas are motivated by the same principle: customers want you to market the right products to them at the times and places where they need your brand. So the question really is, how do you use data to improve a customer’s experience with your brand?

CDP + Braze = magic

If a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the jetfuel, then Braze is the rocketship. Braze users design campaigns based on an accurate and comprehensive 360° view of their customers, including predictive attributes, created in Amperity. Campaign results from Braze are then fed back into Amperity for measurement and further enhancement of customer profiles. The two tools work together to create a feedback loop that gives users deeper insight into their customers, which in turn allows them to better serve them personalized experiences in real-time. With a comprehensive customer foundation, brands have the ability to craft the most impactful messaging across all core digital channels (e.g. email, web, mobile).

Continuous feedback system with AmpID, Amp360, and Braze

Let’s see how this plays out in real-time:

  • Mobile: Customize the mobile experience with text alerts for deals, personalized shopping invitations for events and styling from store reps, send updates on shipping and delivery, and more.

  • In-App: Tailor the experience as much as possible to the user — from the product assortment to individualized offers, to seamless ordering, and effortless commerce and shipping flows and options.

  • Email: Accelerate the customer experience by sending the right offers to customers and subscribers, building brand credibility and persuading them to buy (i.e. sending VIP members select offers).

  • Web: Send time-sensitive CTAs or re-engage lapsed customers or those at risk of churn with web push notifications showcasing discounts and offers that speak to their product history, location preferences for in-store purchases, and other behaviors or attributes.

Two heads are better than one

The most catchy, innovative messaging won’t have an impact if it’s not being delivered to the correct audience. Our partnership solves this issue by using data from Amperity in conjunction with Braze, allowing brands to offer the most important messages to their customers at the right time.

Our partnership with Braze is part of a broad partner initiative of establishing a Personalization at Scale Partner Circle. The objective of this initiative is to bring together best-in-class technologies that collaborate provide a closed loop solution for powering personalization at scale from data collection, identity, insights, activation, messaging, and channel delivery. Together with our partners, we can accelerate time to value and extend the reach and impact of personalization initiatives. For more information on using Amperity’s native Braze integration for your customer experience needs, download our solution brief.

To learn more about personalization at scale, read our guide This Time It’s Personal: The Enterprise Guide to Personalization at Scale