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Leadership for our Next Phase of Growth

February 5, 2022

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We are extremely proud of what Amperity has accomplished in our first six years as a company. As we look to the future, we are more focused than ever on capturing the tremendous opportunity we have in the marketplace and continuing to deliver for our customers, partners and stakeholders. We have seasoned senior leadership, with rich professional experiences and a collective passion for customer success, that we believe has been and will continue to be important to our long-term success as a company.

2021 was a record growth year for Amperity, fueled by continued acceleration in digital transformation and increased emphasis on the importance of first party-data. As this momentum continues to build, Amperity is focused on scaling the business to maximize its opportunity to help companies use data to serve their customers.

As Amperity positions itself for our next stage of growth and global expansion, we are proud to announce a change to our leadership team. Barry Padgett, President and COO of Amperity, has been promoted to CEO, taking the reins from Kabir Shahani, who recently stepped down from the post.

Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity

Barry joined Amperity two years ago and was brought into the company specifically to provide operational leadership in the critical growth phase of Amperity. He is an accomplished executive who embodies the values that are core to our mission, with a wealth of experience building and leading companies in our stage of explosive growth. Barry has demonstrated profound leadership over the years as evidenced by Amperity having its most successful year on record in 2021. Prior to joining Amperity, Barry spent nearly two decades at Concur Technologies where he held various leadership positions and led global teams across Asia, Europe and North America. Following SAP’s acquisition of Concur, he served as President of Ariba, FieldGlass and Concur (collectively known as the Intelligent Spend Group) where he was in charge of global operations. Barry also served as Chief Revenue Officer of Stripe where he oversaw the global revenue organization across multiple regions.  

Amperity is at an exciting inflection point in our company’s growth and innovation journey. This year we will accelerate investments across all areas of the business with a hyper focus on our collaboration with customers from the world’s most loved brands.