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New Partnerships for a Cookie-less Future

June 8, 2021

Image displaying Amperity, THROTLE, and Unified iD.

We’re excited to announce strategic technology partnerships with The Trade Desk and Throtle that will help brands adapt to a new advertising landscape. The impending end of third-party cookies is a good thing for consumer privacy, but a major shakeup to business as usual for advertisers. The third-party cookie has been the bedrock of how brands targeted advertising to their customers and prospects and measured the effectiveness of their digital media spend.

With so much at stake, digital advertising technology providers have been hard at work creating privacy-friendly alternatives that will take digital advertising forward in a post-cookie world. Amperity is moving to help our clients meet the challenge of these changes by working with partners who are industry leaders in the digital advertising ecosystem of the future in terms of adoption, reach, and scale.

Amperity & Unified ID 2.0

Amperity will work with Unified ID 2.0, a new form of identity initially developed by The Trade Desk and others across the industry, to enable an advertiser to retrieve and store UIDs against their first-party customer data. UID 2.0 is a privacy-compliant authenticated identity-based replacement for the third-party cookie. The initiative has gained rapid adoption across the advertising ecosystem, among publishers, buyers, and technology providers.

Amperity & Throtle

Amperity’s integration with Throtle lets Amperity clients make use of Throtle’s highly price-competitive data onboarding and delivery capabilities as well as use its integration with the major cookie-less identity solutions (e.g. UID 2.0, ID5, LiveIntent, Britepool). This breadth of identity options allow advertisers to achieve reach and scale without third-party cookies. Throtle’s vast network of demand-side platforms ensures a client’s choice of an activation partner is supported and works perfectly with Amperity’s commitment to maximizing flexibility for our users.

“The move away from the anonymous third-party cookie to a consent and identity-based approach to tracking, where a consumer is in full control of what they share, is a great step forward for consumer privacy protection,” said Derek Slager, Amperity CTO and co-founder. “We are excited to be partnering with leading change makers from the ad-tech industry who understand what’s right for consumers and what's needed for brands to maintain their digital advertising targeting efficacy, reach, and scale in a post-cookie environment.”

These are our newest partners in the digital advertising ecosystem, joining others including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Liveramp, Neustar, Criteo, Instagram, Pinterest and many others.

To learn more about how Amperity’s new partnerships can help your business adapt after third-party cookies are gone, get in touch.