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Amperity Customer Data Management Powered by AWS

Amperity & AWS

Amperity has partnered with AWS to provide a methodology for Enterprise B2C companies to better understand their customers’ buying behaviors and to develop more personalized relationships and marketing strategies. Amperity ingests data raw from a variety of sources and systems. Using machine learning, the data is unified to create a single view of the customer. The data is then made accessible to business teams and orchestrated to any downstream analytics, customer success, or marketing systems, improving campaign performance and enabling customer-centricity across the business.

Amperity works with AWS customers from a number of industries including Travel & Hospitality, Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, and Healthcare.

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Amperity CDP now available on the AWS Marketplace

We are delighted to offer AWS customers the ability to purchase Amperity’s products through the AWS marketplace.

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Amperity is committed to partnering with AWS

We are a holder of three competencies: Retail, Digital Customer Experience, and the new Travel & Hospitality competency.

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Our solution delivers huge value on top of leading-edge AWS services

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Case Studies Powered by AWS

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Builds a Fast and Effective C360

With 9000 global locations and 20 brands, powered by AWS, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, uses Amperity's Customer 360 to fuel its data-driven marketing efforts. The results — near-immediate, double-digit increases in ROAS, click-through-rates, and conversions.

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Seattle Sounders FC Builds a Holistic View of their Fans

The brand used Amperity’s solution, powered by AWS, to integrate data from disparate systems which gave the analytics team the ability to take action in minutes. The result - more granular hospitality and ticket offerings and more memorable experiences with fans on and off the field.

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"Amperity consolidated over 10 disparate data sources and feeds into an Amperity Customer 360 database, hosted on Amazon Web Services, to segment and deliver data to downstream channels."

James Campbell-Harris Director of eCommerce, PMI

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