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Amperity is cloud native and cloud agnostic. We can take your data from anywhere it's stored and push it to our tenants on AWS or Microsoft Azure. We also have full connectivity to Google Cloud Platform. Having collaborated closely in serving hundreds of customers, our seamless integrations and deep business relationships create a streamlined experience and new growth opportunities for our joint customers.

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Built on AWS, Amperity powers multiple use cases and integrates with downstream AWS services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon SES, and Amazon Connect.

Built on Azure, Amperity amplifies customer data at scale and enables brands to unlock a complete view of their customers. Amperity integrates with Power BI, Azure Synapse & Analytics, Azure Blob, Storage and Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Marketing modules.

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Amperity is tightly integrated with key Google Cloud Platform products like BigQuery, Google Cloud Functions, and more. Our client services and business development teams have close working relationships and experience collaborating on dozens of projects.

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