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Amperity powered by Azure

Amperity powered by Azure amplifies customer data at scale and enables brands to unlock a complete view of their customers. Amperity integrates with Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Advertising.

Amperity works with Microsoft customers from a number of industries including retail, travel & hospitality, finance and more.

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The enterprise CDP for customer-centric brands seamlessly integrated with Azure

Efficient and powerful data management through Synapse

Couple Amperity’s Customer 360 and analytics capabilities with Azure Synapse: easily ingest raw data from Synapse and egress smart segments back into Synapse.

Leverage customer data to build immersive experiences with Power Apps

Hydrate Microsoft’s Power Platform with the most comprehensive Customer 360 to build custom business solutions and journeys for both customers & internal corporate users.

Advanced business intelligence for every team through Power BI

Feed your data into Power BI to build dashboards and share insights across your business.

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"Amperity enables Microsoft Retail Enterprises to deepen their customer engagement by stitching together multiple customer profiles to provide a single, 360 view of their customers."

Shelley Bransten Corporate Vice President – WW Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft

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These brands run on Azure

The Great Human Reconnection with Kevin Johnson, Starbucks ceo

Hear from our friends Kevin Johnson, ceo at Starbucks, and Joanne Crevoiserat, CEO at Tapestry, as they join a live discussion with Kabir Shahani, CEO at Amperity on the challenges brands face as they work to get ahead of new consumer behaviors and expectations in the Great Human Reconnection.

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Shannon Maple from DICK’s Sporting Goods

Hear from Shannon Maple, Personalization Lead from DICK’s Sporting Goods on how she brings their customer data to life by focusing on audiences, customer segments, and customer journeys.

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Amperity & Servco team up to drive customer-centricity

Learn how global automotive leader Servco increases customer-centricity with Amperity CDP,  integrating data across their enterprise to power marketing solutions and customer insights.

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Image of car displaying: Amperity & SERVCO.

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