Amperity customer data management powered by Microsoft

Amperity & Microsoft

Amperity has partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide a methodology for Enterprise B2C companies to better understand their customers’ buying behaviors and to develop more personalized relationships and marketing strategies. Amperity is a key Microsoft worldwide retail partner “Know Your Customer.” Amperity ingests data raw from a variety of sources and systems. Using machine learning, the data is unified to create a single view of the customer. The data is then made accessible, actionable, and sent to any downstream IT or Marketing systems to drive tremendous value.

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Amperity’s machine learning driven approach and at-scale data ingestion couldn’t be possible without the public cloud scale of Microsoft Azure.


Azure provides advantageous cloud economics in the form of fast, reliable, cost-effective storage and compute that scales and enables clusters to spin up and down as needed.

"Amperity helps Microsoft Retail Enterprises to Know their Customers at scale, stitching hundreds of millions of customer profiles together to provide a single, unified 360 view of their customers."

Colin Wright WW Director of Strategy - Retail & Consumer Goods

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