Real-time personalization

Accurate, in-the-moment personalization, powered by the most comprehensive customer profiles.

Graphic depicting a customer profile: lines branch off from data in the profile, to decision points.

Email Personalization

Let customers know you're paying attention by giving them customized offers and recommendations, powered by advanced predictive models.

Web personalization

Amperity comes with over 200 commonly used calculated and predictive attributes that can be combined with custom ones to feed real-time systems at the point of need.

Evolved clienteling & customer care

Representatives have access to the most up-to-date information so they can provide custom service and make tailored offers, for friction-free customer experience that makes an impression.

Event Routing

Serve up more relevant content at key moments based on a complete picture of the customer's whole relationship to the brand, both online and offline, instead of a fragmented view from the latest online session only.

A unified and accurate customer data foundation, from all your data sources

Illustration of different systems being connected to Amperity CDP's Customer 360 via different API routes, each carrying different information.

Integrations to all the tools you already use

Amperity’s extensive network of connectors makes it easy to feed high-fidelity profiles to a variety of tools to personalize emails, web experiences and customer care.

Graphic showing Amperity integrations: AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Facebook, and more.

See how Profile API for real-time personalization can help your business