Amperity for marketing teams

Global brands rely on Amperity to take control of customer experiences across the lifecycle, deliver personalized communications that drive ROI, and grow customer lifetime value.

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Predictive insights that drive action

Access dozens of AI-powered insights on every customer’s buying patterns, channel and product preferences, promotional needs, and more – all action-ready for marketing teams.

Cross-channel campaign orchestration

Automate campaigns that cut through the noise across email, direct mail, social, display, and more.

Visibility into what's actually working

Unlock your team’s creativity with A/B and multivariate testing, cross-channel measurement, and reporting that goes beyond “what happened” to “why.”

“Our predictive churn program outperforms a traditional rules-based approach by 27%”

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Kelly Goldston Fmr. VP Marketing, Eloquii

Learn how our customers use Amperity to boost ROI and deliver breakthrough customer experiences:

A Fortune 500 brand cuts through the noise with lookalike targeting

A major global brand’s customer data was fragmented across multiple systems and legacy applications, making it impossible to truly understand customer behavior and spend. Using Amperity’s patented identity resolution technology, the brand rapidly and intelligently unified these customer data sources – and for the first time gained a truly accurate view of who their most valuable customers were. Using clean, enriched insights and customer audiences, they turbocharged their acquisition prospecting efforts, resulting in a 186% improvement in acquisition ROAS.

186% improvement in return on ad spend

A luxury brand uses Amperity to win the holidays

A fast-growing luxury brand needed to grow revenue in an increasingly saturated market during the competitive holiday season. Using Amperity, the brand unified customer data from multiple systems to create a comprehensive customer 360. Armed with up-to-date and deduplicated customer profiles, the brand significantly reduced unsubscribes during the holiday season and implemented a comprehensive segmentation strategy – ultimately driving a 13% Y/Y increase in holiday demand.

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The Amperity platform

Amperity Customer Data Platform takes a comprehensive approach to unlocking the full potential of customer data. Our multi-patented tools help consumer brands grow their business and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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