Amperity for IT teams

Run a data foundation that powers the customer experience

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Boosting speed and cutting costs

Amperity takes in data with no need to modify it, getting identity resolution and Customer 360 databases up and running in weeks instead of months (or years).

Full CCPA/GDPR compliance

Aggregate customer data to fulfill audit and deletion requests, keeping your customer records private and your business in-bounds.

Change management with no downtime

Built-in parallel environments let you add data sources, change models, and test updates without any interruption to your operations.

Learn how Amperity users redefine customer data and identity for their businesses:

Fortune 500 company expands marketable audience by 144%

A quickserve restaurant had customer data that was fragmented and locked in silos, so they could only reliably market based on data from their loyalty program — which was just a fraction of their 100 million customers. Using Amperity to integrate anonymous datasets, deduplicate records, and establish a universal customer identity graph, they got a clearer view of their customers so that they could connect with more people, more effectively.

Expands marketable audience by 144%

Identity resolution that's faster and more accurate

The big challenges to reliable customer profiles are in data prep and resolving records from disparate systems. Amperity’s patented approach to ID resolution skips cumbersome preparation to combine records into profiles that are both stable and flexible. Learn about how our AI-powered resolution process makes all your customer data operations more accurate and effective.

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The Amperity platform

Amperity Customer Data Platform takes a comprehensive approach to unlocking the full potential of customer data. Our multi-patented tools help consumer brands grow their business and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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