Amperity for restaurants

Technology is changing the way restaurants acquire, retain, and engage their customers. Amperity provides a best-in-class data foundation for top restaurant brands that allows them to unlock the value of both their known and unknown customer data.

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Common use cases for restaurants

Identify “casual” customers

Create rich, complete profiles of non-loyalty members, accurately calculate their lifetime value, and reach them with relevant marketing messages.

Increase loyalty sign-ups

Launch targeted campaigns at high value repeat customers and personalize incentives to drive them to enroll with relevant offers.

Analyze the full journey 

Deepen customer profiles over time and consolidate all of their behaviors into a single view — no matter where or how they engage.

Increase direct orders

Engage customers who have previously ordered via third parties (e.g. DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc) to promote ordering directly from your app or website.

Personalize content & offers

Use better data on each customer to move from a one-size-fits-all approach to a one-to-one experience on-site, in-app, and online.

Increase digital engagement

Acquire more “digital first” customers and lead non-digital customers to download the app or engage in other digital ordering opportunities.

"It has been hard for us to have a good profile of the customer and that is where we have help from Amperity. It allows us to attach all the customer behaviors into one profile."

Identify "casual" customers

Learn how Amperity helps a top restaurant connect anonymous customer data points to loyalty members they already know.

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Personalize content and offers

Listen to Kevin Johnson, former Starbucks CEO, and Joanne Crevoiserat, CEO at Tapestry discuss how brands can up their game as stores reopen in 2021.

50% increase in spend per customer

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