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The Four Horsemen of Data Deprecation and the New Era of Advertising

The old methods of digital advertising aren't working anymore. But there is a path forward.



Sep 14

Amperity & Snowflake: A Partnership for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Making it easier for brands to unlock the full value of their customer data.

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Sep 12

Most CDPs Are Not Actually Platforms for Customer Data

Not unless they fix the hardest data problem and power your whole ecosystem.

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Aug 16

Identity resolution: Know who’s who before you say yoo-hoo

The critical first step in successful marketing is knowing who your customers are. That’s where identity resolution comes in.

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Aug 14

Navigating the deprecation of third-party cookies: The future is already here

Discover the strategies for thriving in the post-cookie era. Learn how to navigate challenges by embracing first-party data.


Aug 11

Pioneering Privacy-Conscious Advertising with Unified ID 2.0

It takes innovation to advertise in a world where cookies don’t cut it.

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Jul 18

Unlocking first-party data

Everything you wanted to know about first-party data - what it is, and how to make it an competitive asset for your business


Jul 11

You Can't Maximize ROAS in the Dark

Learn what's behind the pain you're feeling in your paid media strategy and how a strong data foundation can help.

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Jun 8

Five reasons you should break up with your third-party data vendor

Why third-party data solutions don’t work anymore and what you can do about it.

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May 30

Turning Customer Data Into Value with Strategic Marketing Use Cases

Customer Data Platforms can help drive value across the business. Check out this blog where we unpack several use cases & real-world success stories.


May 23

Amplify 2023 Recap: Together We’re Electric

Highlights from our summit covering the future of customer data and exciting developments in paid media.

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May 6

Understanding Customer Segmentation: A Key to Enhanced Marketing Strategy

Delve into customer segmentation to enhance your marketing strategy. Understand different types, the role of AI, ethical considerations, and more.

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Apr 11

The Four Big Drags on Marketing Productivity and How to Escape Them

Marketing productivity doesn’t have to be a struggle — Amperity can help you work with your messy data.