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Know your guests better than they know themselves

Amperity helps travel & hospitality brands unlock inaccessible customer data that’s trapped in a slew of systems and lines of business – from bookings and loyalty to ancillary products and brand credit cards – by building a single view of the guest and anticipating their preferences and needs, before, during, and after they travel.


360 degree view of the guest

Resolve numerous customer identities that all belong to a single guest, with the precision to discern business and personal travel, households that travel together, and bookers vs. guests.

Predictive insights tuned for travel & hospitality

Upsell ancillary products, drive loyalty sign-ups, and increase brand credit card acquisition by predicting the right offer and corresponding moment in time for every guest.

Unlock non-loyalty bookers

OTA travelers and non-loyalty guests are often unmarketable. Amperity connects sparse or siloed data to a complete and marketable profile, so you can grow the guest relationship and build long-term loyalty.

“It was actually insane, I didn’t even believe the numbers. We saw the loyalty program registration rate increase by 190%.”

SVG Logo for Alaska Airlines
Jeanne Jones Former Director of Guest Experiences, Alaska Airlines

Airline grows marketable base from OTA data

A leading airline struggled to unlock value from the data provided by online travel agencies (OTAs). Using Amperity’s patented identity resolution technology, the brand unified OTA data with their own first-party booking data to create rich, accurate cross-channel customer profiles – helping the brand expand its marketable audience and unleash its ability to convert opportunistic travelers to loyal customers of the brand.

Photograph of airplane passengers

Travel brand increases credit card sign ups 91%

A Fortune 500 travel brand used Amperity to unify disparate data sources, creating for the first time an accurate view of which users were part of the brand’s credit card program. As a result, the brand was able to automate precise segments to Facebook for timely and targeted messaging, increasing credit signups by 91%.

91% increase in credit card sign-ups

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