Amperity for travel & hospitality

Amperity helps travel & hospitality brands unlock inaccessible customer data that’s trapped in a tangle of systems and lines of business, from bookings and loyalty programs to ancillary products and brand credit cards. This data gets built into a single view of the guest used for anticipating preferences and needs, before, during, and after travel.

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How Customer Data is Defining a New Era of Travel

Common use cases for travel & hospitality

Increase direct bookings

Engage customers who have previously booked via online travel agencies to entice them to make their next reservation directly.

Loyalty & branded credit card enrollment

Find customers who are predicted high value but are not yet enrolled in the loyalty program or credit card.

Target distressed inventory

Prevent “batch and blast” campaigns and identify the customers most likely to respond to specific destinations.

Orchestrate customer trip experience

Personalize targeting of upgrades, ancillaries, and trip communications to individual customer preferences and affinities.

Loyalty & non-loyalty analytics

Understand the full customer journey, even when a customer books or interacts without using their loyalty number.

Business/leisure cross-sell

Increase share of wallet and total lifetime value by capturing the full spectrum of a customer’s travel needs.

"Our day-to-day has changed dramatically since implementing Amperity. It's made it much easier to be data-driven in everything we do. In some campaigns we saw double-digit increases in ROAS."

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Grow your loyalty program

Learn how Amperity helped Wyndham convert millions of loyal non-members into members.

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How Alaska Airlines uses data to create great customer experiences

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Explore CDP use cases for creating value from data