Amperity for financial services

Consumers  give their banks, credit cards providers, and lenders their most sensitive data. In return, they expect experiences that reflect this data. But most financial services organizations struggle to consolidate disparate data and drive a single view of customers that can power those experiences. Amperity can help.

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Common use cases for financial services institutions

Acquire & convert prospects

Find new customers who look like your best customers, update what you know about prospects as they move through the funnel, and personalize marketing engagement.

Streamline household touchpoints

Link members of the same household for more efficient direct mail, understand total lifetime value, and identify unmet financial needs.

Identify anonymous lapsed customers

Determine if anonymous engagement includes lapsed or unengaged account holders and bring them back to your brand.

Increase digital engagement

Acquire more “digital first” customers and lead non-digital customers to download the app or engage in other digital banking opportunities.

Drive product adoption & usage

Segment customers across product lines with high / med / low usage metrics and target them with personalized incentives or cross-sell to grow lifetime value.

Manage risk

Gain a comprehensive view into an individual’s consumer, household, and business financial activity to better understand risk exposure.

"All of our data was locked up before Amperity and I needed a modern and adaptable data infrastructure framework that can feed my marketing. The only thing that matters in marketing is relevancy and the only thing that can power relevancy is data."

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Acquire and convert prospects

Learn how BECU created a Customer 360 and introduced end-to-end automation to streamline processes and gain deeper, more relevant member insights.

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Drive product adoption and usage

Watch how First Hawaiian Bank partnered with us in order to find value in unexpected places using Amperity CDP.

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Explore CDP use cases for creating value from data