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Leaping the Hurdles to Customer-Centric Marketing

Customers expect personalization, and brands that stick to the old ways of marketing around products or channels risk losing their most valuable customers. But even when marketers do operate based on customer behavior, there’s so much noise in the data that most focus on the wrong areas and miss the best opportunities.

AmpIQ solves this with fresh insights on every customer, smart segmentation, and seamless campaign integration, all in an intuitive point-and-click interface. This makes it easy to connect to the right segments then test and optimize to grow loyalty and lifetime value.

Increase in search ROAS
ROI on digital marketing investments
Incremental revenue from first-party audience strategies

AmpIQ key features

Customer health tracking

A dashboard for customer-centric metrics and KPIs that proactively highlights shifts in customer economic drivers and identifies risks and opportunities

Instant insights & opportunity sizing

Platform-generated insights at the customer and segment-level, including brand and channel behaviors, product preferences, revenue sizing and recommended actions

Predictions & segmentation

Out-of-the-box predictive models, segments, and personas engineered to improve CLV, with a point-and-click interface to easily create & explore segments of your own

Cross-channel campaigns

Drag-and-drop UI to activate segments in cross-channel campaigns, helping you optimize channel mix, drive improved experiences and improve ROI

Closed-loop measurement

Closed-loop measurement, multivariate testing, and control groups let you attribute actions and spend to transactions, revenue gains and customer KPIs and health metrics

Connectivity anywhere

Flexible framework to automate and syndicate marketing-ready data to 100s of leading marketing, customer experience, advertising, and attribution tools and channels

Download the AmpIQ quick guide

Learn more about how AmpIQ lets marketers measure and optimize without having to rely on analysts and data scientists. Includes a customer case study.

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The Amperity platform

Amperity Customer Data Platform takes a comprehensive approach to unlocking the full potential of customer data. Our multi-patented tools help consumer brands grow their business and build stronger relationships with their customers.

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