Amp IQ

The customer intelligence and activation hub

Improve conversion rates by using a unified view of the customer to increase contact rates and personalize every touchpoint.

Amperity platform displaying a dashboard of Loyalty Members, including Historical and Predicted Revenue.

Maximize ROI across your business

Connect with more customers

Get insights into the best way to reach each segment. Ensure your message is delivered by intelligently using all first-party data collected.

Increase conversion rates

Create a real-time feedback loop to enhance and improve customer engagement across channels.

Measure marketing impact

Visualize the impact of every campaign on online or offline sales through BI tooling or generative AI.

product illustration of the Amperity segment editor

Connect with more customers

Visual segment editor

Build complex segments quickly with a point-and-click editor that can set different conditions for nested audiences.

Segment insights

Improve campaign planning with real-time insights on segment performance, preferred channels, predicted LTV, and cross-segment analysis.

Campaign editor

Increase contactability with a campaign tool that selects the contact information most likely to connect with each customer in each channel.

Amperity platform modal showing a campaign that targets the "Churning Customers" category.

Increase conversion rates

Lookalike model seeds

Acquire more customers by building higher quality lookalike seeds based on your best customers.

Native A/B testing

Increase conversions by using A/B testing to discover what drives engagement and revenue across online and offline channels.

Profile APIs

Personalize website or in-app offers in real-time based on each customer’s likes, preferences, and historical purchases.

Conversion APIs

Improve return on ad spend by automatically sending event and online or offline conversion data to optimize each ad network's performance.

Product illustration of AmpGPT

Measure marketing impact

Omni-channel measurement

Measure the total impact of marketing with turnkey dashboards. Track everything, including how digital ads drive offline sales.


Explore your data with natural language. Visualize campaign performance without having to manually build reports or dashboards.

BI Connect

Get real-time query performance at scale for BI tools with a high-performance data warehouse staging environment.

“Our click-through rate on paid search has gone up 260% since we started working with Amperity.  Running segmentation and personalization through AmpIQ is helping us fuel results in every channel."

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Lakehouse customer data platform

Fuel for the modern customer journey

Customers are complex. Managing their data doesn’t have to be. See how Amperity helps you own your most valuable asset and understand customers better than ever before.

The Amperity customer data platform visualized as the products AmpID, Amp360, and AmpIQ stacked on top of AmpAI and DataGrid.
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